Regional Plan Energy Chapter

“An important task of this plan is to address where open space should be preserved, regardless of ownership” V4, Open Spaces Section

The discussion on the Regional Plan continues next Tuesday the 17th, 7:00PM at City Hall.

The chapter on Energy is the next section to be discussed. (your comments appreciated)

It’s my opinion that a lot of concerns with the Plan could be alleviated by addressing three issues:

1. Is the Regional Plan a Policy or a Guide? If it’s a guide, clearly and frequently state this with language throughout the Plan.

2. Regardless of whether this is a guide or policy, we should replace the definitive and commanding language (shall, will, etc.) with suggestive and encouraging language (could, may, etc.).

3. Place language that protects and preserves private property rights prominently and often throughout the Regional Plan.

I appreciate the MANY comments and participation that has been given to date. Keep up the great work!

“transition to compact development and walkable communities” Environmental Chapter IV-12

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