Environmental Section Edits of Regional Plan

Compared to the size of the Environmental/Conservation section of the Regional Plan (19 pages and about 4,500 words), I have asked for very few edits, 24 edits, many of them minor. It was insinuated though, by one one of my colleagues, that I am trying to make it so this document fails when it is voted on. I feel I am doing my job and reading this document and trying to make it better so it does pass. As written, in my opinion, it will fail.

This is “your plan” continuously rings through my head while I am working on this.

Here are my suggestions for the Environmental and Conservation section of the Regional Plan.

Get involved, next meeting September 17th at 7:00PM, City Hall.

-‘Our vision’ add “while preserving private property rights”

-place these IV 8-9 in appendix.
-Also suggest the following edits under the green hi lighted “considerations for development”
-#2. Add “developers may want to” to beginning of sentence.
-#4 and #5 ADD suggestive/encouraging language to both sentences.

-PLACE a disclaimer on these two pages that these are suggestions not policy.

IV10. Air Quality
-EDIT SUGGESTION. ADD “while preserving private property rights” to the last sentence of first paragraph.
– REMOVE 2nd and 3rd paragraphs. Seems like political statements.
– policy EC 1.1″engage public agencies concerned with the improvement of air quality” STRIKE THE REST of 1.1
– policy EC 1.2. STRIKE
-Policy EC 1.5. STRIKE

IV 12 Climate Change
Page IV12.
-Third paragraph STRIKE “For the purposes of the Flagstaff Regional Plan, how we develop land and transition to compact development and walkable communities will have the biggest impact on our reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating climate change through local action”
– policy EC2.1. Add language such as “while recognizing the importance of fossil fuels….”
– policy EC3.2. STRIKE
-policy EC 4.2. STRIKE. In direct conflict with goals to pipe water in from Red Gap.

IV13. Dark Skies
-Last paragraph of page #2. STRIKE PROP 207 and property rights issues.

IV15. Ecosystem Health
-Policy EC 6.5. Needs property rights protection wording.
-Policy EC6.8. STRIKE “shall” and replace with “may”

IV16. Sensitive lands
-Policy EC7.2. STRIKE “favor”and replace with “consider”

Under Natural Quiet
-EDIT. “Future development should address…” STRIKE “address” and replace with “consider”

-Policy EC8.1. Add “endeavor to” (encouraging language)

IV17 soils
-Policy EC 9.2 Add “endeavor to” (encouraging language)

IV 19 wildlife.
-Policy EC10.3. Add (encouraging language)

2 thoughts on “Environmental Section Edits of Regional Plan

  1. Jeff–excellent recommendations. I agree with all of them and may wish to add a few more once I review that section again. I was pretty shocked by Councilman Overton’s comments the other night. They were completely without merit and almost sounded as if he was trying to cater to a certain segment of the audience. I found his comments unbecoming of a councilman, and to be honest I felt it made him look foolish. I think it may have been an attempt to stop you from expressing your opinions. I hope you will not stop! Too often one point of view is shouted down or bullied in an attempt to quiet those ideas. I feel you are using listening to citizens who are concerned about some of the language in the plan and are asking you to look at their concerns. Many of us believe that is exactly what you are doing, while at the same time using your best judgement as to what is in the best interest of ALL the citizens of Flagstaff and our County. Thank you for all you do. I would like to add that throughout this Regional Plan discussion I have found you and Mayor Nabours, along with Karla Brewster to show concern for all points of view expressed. I have not heard too many comments from Mark Woodson yet, but he does appear to be constructive, as does Coral Evans. While I may not always agree with Coral’s point of view, she usually expresses herself very professionally, and often makes sound arguments. I do hope the majority of the council will look at this as you do: an opportunity to make the document as good as it can be for ALL of Flagstaff and it’s surrounding areas. I look forward to continuing this Plan review and to adding more comments at the public meetings.

  2. Jeff, These seem like simple, sensible and non-combative revisions to me… Thanks for keeping on top of this important issue. Joan

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