Open Spaces Edits Regional Plan

Open Spaces. “This is Our Plan”

The Open Spaces Chapter is 6 pages long with about 2,500 words.

I have suggested 20 changes to this Chapter, most minor edits. One member of the Regional Plan Committee recently said that we should not be concerned with the words of this plan. I am. If you are concerned, please get involved. NEXT MEETING IS September 17th, 7:00PM at City Hall.

My Suggested Edits.

Page V1
-First paragraph STRIKE “which affects all other components of the Flagstaff Regional Plan”
-Add “while respecting private property rights” to the vision statement.

Page V2
-Third paragraph STRIKE “is” so it reads “access MAY BE restricted.
-Last Paragraph, 3rd line ADD “may” so it reads “The City and County may have”

Page V3
-Third paragraph STRIKE “will” so it reads “state trust lands MAY form….” and remove “and defines county communities” from the end of the sentence so it reads…
“This plan envisions that National Forest and publicly acquired State Trust lands may form an open space system that, for the most part, surrounds the city geographically”
-Third paragraph STRIKE “within 15 minutes of any neighborhood” and ADD “while endeavoring to” so that it reads…
The plan balances the needs of people and ecosystem health to retain and improve pedestrian access to open space, while endeavoring to preserve important wildlife linkages and habitat, and protect surface water.
-Fourth paragraph, STRIKE “such as Friends of the Rio, Friends of Walnut Canyon, and Habitat Harmony”
-Fifth paragraph, STRIKE “Coordinated open space planning between the County and City is a priority”
-Sixth paragraph, STRIKE “Wildlife corridors, habitat areas, and watchable wildlife sites, as established by the Arizona Game and Fish Department, form an important layer within the Flagstaff Regional Plan open space planning maps”

Page V4
-First paragraph, STRIKE “The Coconino National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan should be coordinated with Flagstaff Regional Plan open space and recreation planning policies”
-Request future debate on the Open Space Plan section which consists of 2 paragraphs and 15 bullet points.
-Left Column, remove names of non profit partners. Seems inappropriate.

Page V5
-Policy OS1. Add property rights wording.
-Policy OS1.1. STRIKE
-Policy OS1.2. STRIKE “under the general guidance of the Open Space and Greenways Plan and the Natural Environment maps”
-Policy OS.1.3. ADD “where practical” after “buffer zones”
Use open spaces as natural environment buffer zones to protect scenic views and cultural resources, separate disparate uses, and separate private development from public lands, scenic byways, and wildlife habitats
-Policy OS1.4. DEFINE public vs private property.
-Policy OS1.5 ADD, “when practical

Page V6.
-Move to appendix.

3 thoughts on “Open Spaces Edits Regional Plan

  1. This whole puruit is insane. Wakeup Flag. This is all the UN Rio Accord Implementation. There is no actual legal process for it, which is why they have local governments pass “non-binding” legislation with “words you shouldn’t worry about”.

    It’s costing the city buttloads of money to pay “planners” and “partners” who will KEEP trying to BS this stuff through. Find a way to stop them from wasting your time and money, AND from wasting the time and money of the City Council. I mean, REALLY, isn’t there SOMWTHING that they should be doing for the City OTHER than continually trying to ram Agenda 21 down your throats? Potholes? Investigations? City Property Maintenance? SOMETHING that is definitively their Real jobs?

    Oh well, your tax moey. You pay the NGOs and GOs. They feel smug and important and fly around the country and eat lobster and come back with schemes of how to handle you–with this insanely impractical and illegal crap–So I guess you are getting your money’s worth.

    Maybe if you gave them a shovel to fill potholes with, paint, brooms, or something, maybe a calculator–You know, SOMETHING USEFUL to do–It might keep them (and your money) out of trouble.

  2. Our dream and vision for the region can and should be articulated in a couple of pages–a declaration if you will. The call for massive editing and/or disclaimers indicates it is far from what can be accepted by everyone. A document of over 300 pages is not a clearly articulated vision, it is a boondoggle.

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