This Week

I’ll be hosting flag mornings this week (except Thursday) with Ryan Oler 7-9am. Mayor Nabours will co-host with us Wednesday.


Thursday at noon at the Aquaplex Council will be discussing how to proceed with the regional plan. This meetings open to the public. I will be encouraging council to consider the following.

1. Is the Regional Plan a Policy or a Guide? If it’s a guide, clearly and frequently state this with language throughout the Plan.

It’s a little easier to let certain language stand if indeed this plan is simply a guide or a “dream” as has been suggested by some, including the City manager who stated this is an “aspirational document”. However, if this is more of a directive that will be used to create future laws, ordinances, zoning codes, etc, the language and policies of the plan need intense scrutiny and many amendments.

“An important task of this plan is to address where open space should be preserved, regardless of ownership” V4, Open Spaces Section

2. Regardless of whether this is a guide or policy, we should replace the definitive and commanding language (shall, will, etc.) with suggestive and encouraging language (could, may, etc.).

3. Place language that protects and preserves private property rights prominently and often throughout the Regional Plan.

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