Weekly Update 9/19/13

Charter Review Task Force Applicants Needed.
Please consider applying for the Charter Review Task Force. Applicants are needed in order to form this commission. The commission would look into our current Charter and possibly propose updates and amendments. Please make sure your application is in by October 15, 2013. Here is the link to the online application and the printable application.
NOTE: Under “Board/Commission you wish to serve on:*” type or write in CHARTER REVIEW.

Regional Plan Update.
Is this a guide or policy? We are being told repeatedly this is a guide, a dream or vision. Yet the plan has language many times that commands, shall, will etc.

In what I see as a positive step,

Council agreed today to add a clear and visible statement on the 1st page of the document stating that this plan is a vision/guide and not legally binding. Language protecting private property rights will also be clearly added.

Policy Retreat
Council reviewed and updated our goals for the upcoming year. Goals are as follows:
1. Repair, replace and maintain infrastructure (streets & utilities).
2. Fund existing, and consider expanded, recreational services.
3. Address Core Services Maintenance Facility.
4. Complete Rio de Flag.
5. Retain, expand, and diversify economic base.
6. Complete the Water Policy.
7. Review financial viability of pensions.
8. Review all Commissions.
9. Zoning Code check in and analysis of the process and implementation.
10. Develop an ongoing budget process.

Upcoming Events:
Friday 9/20. 7-9AM, I’ll be co-hosting FlagMornings, 93.5FM/930AM/www.Country935.com
Representative Adam Kwasman will be talking with us and Jeff Knore regarding Flagstaff Shelter Services.
Monday 9/23, 7-9AM, I’ll be co-hosting FlagMornings, 93.5FM/930AM/www.Country935.com
Congressman Paul Gosar will be talking with us.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Update 9/19/13

  1. In my opinion, a statement at the beginning is insufficient. If you look at the END of the document, you will see a HUGE list of ANNUAL benchmarks that are to be accounted for – this is VERY meddlesome and will be very costly to implement. We really need to have the “pushy” language changed – AND the specific methods of implementing the “goals.”

  2. We live in little heaven,
    Located in the Mountains
    Located in the Mountains,
    Where sunshine always bright,
    With ponderosa pine trees,
    With 160 walk-trails,
    With young and cheerful students
    And cool large stars at night.

    It is easy to give suggestions, to keep this city as a heaven.

    Can you imagine these new little leaf-foliage foreign trees, so intensively planted right now along the roads and on the the roads lines –can you imagine them in in fifteen years? They would become water socking monsters, one of those, which polluted our downtown and surround the city hall right now. This year level of extreme high pollen level was about 3 months, (instead 2 weeks, during the juniper bloom in the past, somehow ponderosa pollen does not irritate) The size of crown foliage of these trees is the same as their root system. But, this it is good, water would be paid and everything is prepared for the use of salt on these roads in the future. These foreign trees are salt resistant and It is cheaper than environmental care. Plus, lets open up the gates for homeless and poor with assistance (so, it never would be enough of tax payers money) and construct these modern slums with so call “public” transportation. Then, shoot some local elks, so they would not eat these “gardens” which are not fenced…and it would come the time for some local folks…to run away..

    Thank you Jeff, for your site and for your efforts. Long live Jeff, Roads and Environment!

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