$6,000 of matching funds pledged this morning

$11,070 has been pledged as of 6:30 this evening!

$6,000 of matching funds pledged to Flagstaff Shelter Services as of 9:00AM this morning.

A dollar for dollar match is now available:
$5,000 from The Paine Family Trust
$500 from The Oravits Family of Companies
$500 from JKC Construction

Sadly, Council rejected releasing $5,000 to Flagstaff Shelter Services from the City’s budgeted Emergency Housing Fund of $20,000. Mayor Nabours, Councilor Brewster and I voted in favor of utilizing these budgeted funds.

Due to increased demand at the Shelter, the addition of the acceptance of women late last year and other unforeseen circumstances, the Shelter is at risk of closing before Thanksgiving without this funding.

$6,000 is now available but it’s up to Flagstaff residents and businesses to step up and make donations to trigger these matching funds.

If you or your company can pledge any amount, send me an email with your info at j.oravits@mac.com or call me at 928-606-1028.

I would like to raise the necessary money by the end of the day today!

5 thoughts on “$6,000 of matching funds pledged this morning

  1. Jeff, Count on us for $50.00… please let us know where to drop off a check. Steven and Joan Harris Ph: 928-226-0502

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