Weekly update and my votes

Weekly update and my votes.

– By a vote of 5-2, Council voted to amend the Flagstaff Zoning Code. Mayor Nabours brought this forward months ago and after a series of stakeholder meetings, it passed first read Tuesday night (Vice Mayor Coral Evans and Councilwoman Celia Barotz voted against). By amending the zoning code we are making Flagstaff more business friendly while also maintaining public input on zoning code amendments. This amendment is good for our economy.
“Responsible growth is key to a vibrant economy” Rich Bowen, ECONA

– By a vote of 4-3, Council voted against providing $5,000 in emergency funding from the budgeted $20,000 Emergency Housing Contingency Fund. Mayor Nabours, Councilor Brewster and I voted in favor of providing the emergency funding. Flagstaff Shelter Services is at risk of closing due to the increased services they have been providing for the Community. To put it bluntly, I was shocked that this did not pass. If this isn’t an emergency, what is?

With that said, Flagstaff has since stepped up. Wednesday morning Jeff Knorr, Lori Barlow, myself and others began a fundraising campaign. Within 48 hours over $13,000 has been pledged. The community has stepped up and quite honestly were charged up by Council’s rejection of providing emergency funding from a budgeted emergency fund. Great job Flagstaff! If you’d like to donate, please contact me.

– Council voted 7-0 to Create a sign district for the Flagstaff Marketplace. The precedent has now been set for these types of signs and I will now push to amend our sign code based off this precedent. I have been requesting a discussion and amendments to our sign code since taking office almost a year and a half ago.

Regional Plan discussions were postponed due to a very busy agenda.
October 22, 2013, Regional Plan discussion will resume after 7:00PM on Chapters 9 Land Use and Growth Areas, Chapter 10 Transportation and 11 Cost of Development.

Other votes Tuesday night.
Approval of Final Plat for Southside Development, LLC for Elden Townhomes subdivision, a six-lot, single-family, attached residential subdivision. The site is 11,342 square-feet (.26acres) in size and is located at 307 South Elden Street, (SW corner of Elden Street and Butler Avenue).
Passed 7-0

Approve Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) / Joint Project Agreement (JPA) with the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) and Coconino County for the maintenance of Beulah Blvd. after construction of the roadway realignment to accommodate ADOT roundabouts. This is the stretch from about Walmart to the Fairgrounds. This is a state road that Flagstaff maintains but the state is paying for the improvement.
Passed 7-0

A resolution of the City Council of the City of Flagstaff, Arizona approving an instrument of partial release and partial re-conveyance of a vehicular, non-access easement and a landscaping buffer easement at Lot 29A Woodlands Village Unit 3.
Passed 7-0

Approval of Amendments: RECOMMENDED ACTION: Flagstaff City Council Rules of Procedure. Approve the proposed changes to Rule 5.01 (Order of Business [to allow Public Participation at the beginning of the 6:00 p.m. session of Regular Meetings]) and Rule 10.7 (amendments to ordinances between first and final read) of the Flagstaff City Council Rules of Procedure.
Passed 7-0

Amendment to the Zoning Code.

Public Hearing, Consideration and Adoption of Ordinance No. 2013-21 and Resolution No. 2013-22: An Ordinance Adopting That Certain Document Entitled “2013 Amendments to Chapter 10-20, Administration, Procedures and Enforcement,” By Reference; and Thereby Amending Division 10-20.50, Amendments to the Zoning Code Text and the Zoning Map, and Division 10-80.20, Definition of Specialized Terms, Phrases and Building Functions; and a Resolution of the Council of the City of Flagstaff, Arizona, Declaring as a Public Record That Certain Document Filed with the City Clerk and Entitled “2013 Amendments To Chapter 10-20, Administration, Procedures And Enforcement.
Passed 5-2 with Vice Mayor Evans and Councilor Barotz against.

Public Hearing, Consideration and Adoption of Ordinance No. 2013-22: An ordinance of the Council of the City of Flagstaff, Arizona, Amending Title 10, Zoning Code, Division 10-50.100, Sign Standards, Section 10-50.100.080, Sign Districts of Special Designation, of the Flagstaff Zoning Code by adding Section 10-50.100.080.E, Flagstaff Mall and Marketplace District
Passed 7-0

Public Hearing, Consideration and Adoption of Ordinance No. 2013-23: An ordinance amending the Flagstaff Zoning Map designation of approximately 3.15 acres of real property located at 601 East Piccadilly Drive from HC (Conditional), Highway Commercial Conditional, to HC (Conditional), Highway Commercial Conditional, by removing, modifying and replacing those conditions previously imposed.
Passed 7-0

Consideration of Financial Assistance: Flagstaff Shelter Services RECOMMENDED ACTION: 1) Approve Financial Assistance for Flagstaff Shelter Services in the amount of $___________, and authorize the City Manager to complete a contract specifying terms and conditions of funding. 2) Do not approve Financial Assistance for Flagstaff Shelter Services. 3) Provide some other direction to Staff in regards to Financial Assistance for Flagstaff Shelter Services.
Failed 4-3 with Vice Mayor Evans, Councilors Barotz, Overton and Woodson voting against.

Upcoming Events
Tuesday 10/22, 6PM, Council Meeting, 6PM, City Hall
Wednesday 10/23, 11AM, Grand Opening, Artisans Kitchen, Steves Blvd.
Thursday 10/24, 7:30AM, Flag Mornings, 93.5FM

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