October 22nd Council Meeting

Consideration and Approval of Agreement: With True Life Companies (TLC) D.B.A. PineCanyon regarding a modification of an existing zoning condition and disposition of fees.
Part of this agreement with Pine Canyon is for a directional sign on Lake Mary Road as well as allowing closing of their gate at night.
Passed 6-0

Consideration and Approval of Preliminary Plat PPPL2013-0005: Miramonte Homes
for Forest Springs Unit 2 subdivision, a residential townhouse subdivision with seventy (70) lots/units. The site is 15.1 acres in size and is located at 1115 North Flowing Springs Trail in the MR, Medium Density Residential zone.
Passed 6-0

Presentation on water policies, Storm Water section.

Discussion on Procedure for the October 28, 2013 Property Inventory Meeting.
I anticipate this to be a very heavily attended special meeting in which Council will discuss 17 City properties and which properties, if any should be put up for sale.

Regional Plan Discussion


We have an opportunity here for some bold transportation plans and I see some solid plans when it comes to our FUTS trails, bicycling and walking but what about the roads that everyone uses wether it be directly or indirectly? Where’s the grand vision?

We are an auto dominated society. We will most likely be so 20 years from now. Striving for more walkability, more bike use and more ridership on our public transit is a good thing and I believe it is very well covered in the transportation section of the plan. With that said, the reality is most people use the automobile now and will most likely do so in the future. We need to address this a little more clearly in our general plan. I am very surprised that out of 22 pages in this section, barely three address the automobile. Further, out of 55 policies , only 5 address the automobile specifically. In order to properly plan, I’d like to see the section on the automobile with more policies and some bold planning. If we don’t, we’ll regret this twenty years from now.

I proposed adding the following;
— Add a policy that clearly states we will maintain our existing streets to high standards.

— Add a policy that creates a four lane corridor from Milton to 180 via butler/4th/cedar and locket.

— Add Policy widening 4th Street bridges over I40

— Add Policy for an off ramp off of I40 & Lone Tree

— Add policy that strives for a second overpass over the tracks at lone tree.

— Add policy for alternate routes to relieve 180 traffic. (Mayor Nabours suggestion)

Cost of Development
— Policy 1.6, remove, “in order to succeed”. There’s an implication that “in order to succeed” private/public partnerships are needed for future projects.

Land Use
— I proposed that this section be postponed. This 60 page section is the largest and in my opinion has one of the biggest impacts on our community. I was surprised by the lack of public presence for this section that consists of nearly 1/5th of the entire regional plan. Council agreed and we will reschedule.

A thought on the Land Use Section. It encourages compact and denser development and redevelopment. One thing that may happen, you make housing denser to stop sprawl, what may happen is you drive up real estate values more and more in the core of the City. This will encourage the sale of older and underutilized areas in order to repurpose the property to higher uses and quite frankly more profit potential. Council should be aware that the consequence of this is potentially more displacement of lower income families and further affordability issues. This may actually lead to more sprawl as people are pushed out of the city due to land prices. Every policy has a consequence.

Monday, October 28th, 4PM at City Hall. Property inventory discussion.

One thought on “October 22nd Council Meeting

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    Flagstaff, with limited water resources, polluted with gigantic foreign trees, with prohibition rules of contacting elks, with “public” transportation and with dense contemporary slams ,would become another provincial dusty city. Our local Government really missed Chicago, but at least this city was designed by talented urban planners…

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