Rhetoric devoid of Facts

On Tuesday November 5th at 6:00PM the Flagstaff City Council will be voting on the second read (agenda Item 15B) of an amendment to the Flagstaff Zoning Code. It passed two weeks ago 5-2.

I voted in favor of this amendment. This amendment to change the process on rezoning property in Flagstaff is a great change to our Zoning Code. Public participation will be preserved, despite the false information out there. What it eliminates is detailed site plans being required up front showing exactly where buildings will be positioned, exact elevations and in some cases even what tenants will be at the property. City Council does not need to be in the micro managing business.

But special interest groups are once again hard at work spreading false rhetoric.

“teabaggers and certain dems’ about to sell every square inch of our town (again)!!”

“Again”? What on earth are they talking about? The fact is this Council has designated more open space than any other in history. Tomorrow night we’ll actually be voting to add another 2,200 acres to the nearly 800 acres already designated as open space. Facts are funny things.

How long are Flagstaff Residents going to let special interest groups spread misinformation in order to direct policy in our City?

2 thoughts on “Rhetoric devoid of Facts

  1. I think a line should be drawn around the peaks. We should designate everything open space from current development up-to the peaks. It would be nice to know in 100 years the encroachment of development surrounding the peaks has gotten no closer to those sacred mountains and its wildlife. Also, a great thing to see in the future would be that a circle was drawn around every riparian, delicate or in anyway unique area to protect them as well. This leaves everything else in this county in almost every direction. The need to sprawl or build up should make enough for the city either way to allow them to quit using the property owners /property tax as the city’s bank account. Now, the problem is, the most beautiful parts are the most valuable and tempting to develop. What people need to realize, it is the non-development of these places that gives them their allure. Like the small town charm of Flagstaff we sold to the corporations. Once a line is drawn it should be permanent. .

  2. “If you don’t tow OUR version of a democratic line, we will imply homosexual activity on your part–Not that there is anything wrong with that.”
    Your local Progressive outfits.

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