Weekly Update From Councilman Jeff Oravits

At Tuesday’s Council Meeting we only had one vote, which was to authorize the purchase of Observatory Mesa to be designated as open space. This was the second read and passed 6-0.

This was the last night of discussions on the Regional Plan. It now goes on to the final process, at least for Council.

Here are some important dates.

The PUBLICS 2nd to last opportunity to comment on the overall plan will be at the
Joint Council/County Public Hearing
Monday, November 18th, 4:00PM at City Hall.

Council Process Discussion, possible election dates
Tuesday, November 19th, 7:00PM at City Hall

The PUBLICS LAST opportunity to comment on the overall plan will be at the
Tuesday, December 3rd, 6:00PM Council Meeting.

It is expected that SAME DAY, DECEMBER 3rd, the County Board of Supervisors will be voting on adopting the County’s version of the plan. It is my understanding that the County P&Z recommended no changes to the Plan. If you live in the County’s FMPO area, for example, Kachina, Doney Park, you may want to contact your County Representative. Unlike City residents, County residents will not get to vote on this plan.

The City Council is scheduled to vote on the Regional Plan December 17th. Voters in the City will get to vote on the plan that Council passes in either the May or August 2014 Election.
Another important meeting will occur this Tuesday, November 19th at 6:00PM. This will be a public hearing on a Regional Plan amendment for Little America for possible expansion of their operations to include a convention center, housing, commercial development and a golf course.
I’ll update all of this next week on Flag Mornings, 93.5FM at 7:30AM on Tuesday and Thursday.

Please spread the word and get others involved! Your involvement in the future direction of our City is needed, much appreciated and having a positive impact.

One thought on “Weekly Update From Councilman Jeff Oravits

  1. Jeff, find a little time and look up USGBC (US Green Building Council). Find their brief history on Wiki. Find “USGBC conflicts of interest”. Find whatever you can. You will find that it reeks of Agenda21 and other things I talked about, and how it infiltrated us right here, and how it is poised to destroy everything, that I know you care about, through regional planning, zoning, sustainability, etc., We are being lied to, misled, defrauded (internationalism, redistribution, private and industrial property rights, social engineering, and more) by the tax-paid proponents and others. And USGBC is only one of many evils conducting assault against liberty, in similar disguise.

    Please keep standing strong, keep hammering away at the reluctant fools serving with you.
    Thanks for being the remaining few patriots in government!


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