November 18 Council/County Meeting

Meeting Notes
November 18th
Joint City Council/County Board Meeting

• 7:30AM, I’ll be giving an update on FlagMornings 93.5FM (streaming at
• 6:00PM, Council Meeting (a couple items on agenda)

Some project updates.

— Ft. Tuthill Roundabout Project.
Two Roundabout’s are being built at the entrance of Ft. Tuthill and Hwy 89. Right now they are removing trees and expect to complete this stage this month. 2,200 trees are being removed. The entire project is expected to be complete by the end of 2014.

— 89A Closure.
Landslide repair for the portion of the road that slid away earlier this year near Page.
Construction to fix this is beginning this summer and will take about a year.

— Oak Creek Canyon Road Closure
The day after Memorial Day Weekend to July 2nd, 89A from the Overlook to the Pump-house will be closed for pavement work and work to stop landslides. This will be a complete closure.

— Possible County Road Tax
The County is looking into a ballot question to raise sales tax to cover County Road repairs. UP TO 1/2 CENT is being considered, which is the maximum the County can ask for. This would have to go to the voters of the County, including City of Flagstaff voters in either May, August or November of 2014. The City of Flagstaff makes up about 1/2 the entire population of Coconino County. The County Manager stated that any sales tax increase would be used for County maintained roads, not City streets.

Regional Plan Public Hearing
Jerome Naleski, a CAC member gave public comment. He said that overall he was satisfied but also stated that “Towards the end of the process it seems that some of the items were a little rushed, I have some caution to it…shortening it. Continue looking at it in depth”
Mayor Nabours asked what parts did he feel were rushed and he replied “the last 3 maybe 4 items, Land Use, Economic Development, not as deliberated as many of the other items from the beginning of the process”

Carol Busque, CAC Vice Chair
Regarding a rushed effort at the end she mentioned there was, “Meeting fatigue and pressure on the group to wrap it up.” She also mentioned that “Technical editing” got short changed.

Ben Anderson, County CAC member
“Process, at times was flawed” but “Probably one of the more Democratic processes” “I think the CAC was a very balanced group” “We all knew the gravity of the words we used”

Mark Elelman
AZ State Land Department
State section 30, North of Walnut Canyon, the draft plan leaves it as is, this “gives the perception of open space”, which is not the case. They recommend this be included in the Flagstaff urban growth boundary as suburban development.
Section 20, draft plan designates this as future suburban with activity center. Density’s may be to high without section 30.

Mayor Nabours asked what happens if the plan doesn’t pass.
The City Attorney said that “there isn’t a specific remedy listed if we do not pass a plan”

Former Coconino County Sheriff Joe Richards made a statement about the “independent spirit”. “I get the impression that there is a concerted effort to concentrate where people can live and I find that very troubling. Maybe that’s the current trend. I think there’s some of us that don’t value that kind of growth”

One thought on “November 18 Council/County Meeting

  1. I agree with Joe Richards, I don’t like the idea of a lagre group of people, living in a small area. I think the Sawmill area is to much of a concentration, of livable area. No space.

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