Happy Thanksgiving!

I’ll be offline for a few days to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. I wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving.

Next week will be a very busy week.

On Tuesday, December 3rd, Council will have a public hearing on the Regional Plan at 6:00PM at City Hall. This will be the final opportunity for public comment prior to Council’s December 6th day long retreat at which we will debate changes to the plan.

For several months I have been advocating for changes to the plan, especially in the following areas;
• Land use should offer up a multitude of development choices and not have a preference towards compact development.
• Transportation planning must include adequate planning for automobile capacity and not plan for auto capacity last, as the current draft does.
• The overall plan must be simplified.

It appears that there is support by Mayor Nabours and Councilmembers Brewster and Woodson to make significant changes to the plan including the above concerns.

Your comments and participation is always appreciated.

One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Jeff Just wanted to wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving as well. During our FTP meeting one or more members asked if we could get a speaker or speakers to explain Flagstaff City Government. We moved our meeting dates in 2014 to a Thursday night at the LaQuinta West side. Do you think you and Jerry Nabours would be willing to come to one of these meetings and tewll us about Flagstaff City Government? It would be a great chance to do some campaigning for Jerry. Talk it over with him and let me know how you guys feel about this. It won’t conflict with City Council meetings anymore. I want to start getting our members to go on Tuesday’s next year to the council meetings.

    God Bless you, your family and friends and may He have mercy on our Nation


    Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2013 18:22:31 +0000 To: parktraveler@hotmail.com

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