Council Meeting Notes 12/3/13

Council Meeting, 12/3/13

• Approved 6-1, Regional Plan Amendment for Trailside Apartments, (ITEM14)
• Approved 5-2, Regional Plan Amendment for Little America Expansion, (ITEM 15)
• NOTE, County Board adopts County’s version of plan 5-0 (see below)


Tonight Council appointed residents to various commissions:

• Airport Commission, 2 appointments were made.

•Water Commission
Russ Yelton was appointed 5-0
Charlie Odegard was appointed 4-1, Barotz opposed
John Nowakowski was re-appointed 5-0

• P&Z, 2 openings
Paul Turner was appointed 5-0
Stephen Dorset was re-appointed 5-0

• Sustainability, 3 appointments passed 5-0
Todd Barnell
Kevin Ordean
Jeffrey Stephenson

2 liquor licenses were approved by 5-0
Ewa’s Tai Cuisine and theToasted Owl Cafe

ITEM’s 9A, B, C all approved 5-0
Consideration and Approval of Contract: Third Amendment to Transit Service
Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) to provide City Project Management Services to the Northern Arizona Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority (NAIPTA) for the Bus Facility Expansion Project.
NAIPTA is having the City manage (they are paying the City to do so), the construction of the new bus facility.

Consideration and Approval of Contract: Flagstaff Metropolitan Planning Organization (FMPO) Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) technical update
RECOMMENDED ACTION: Award the contract to Kimley Horn Associates in the amount of $110,000 for consulting services.

Consideration and Approval of Contract: Rio de Flag Flood Control Project Design
1)Award the Engineering Design Professional Services Contract to Michael Baker Jr.
Inc., of Phoenix, Arizona in an amount not to exceed $247,285.89, including a
$22,480.00 contract allowance and a 205 calendar-day contract period; and
2)Approve Change Order Authority to the City Manager in the amount of $22,480.00
(10% of contract amount excluding allowance) for unanticipated or additional items of work;

Wildcat Hill WWTP Temporary Digested Dewatering System Project
1) Authorize award and execution of a contract with Felix Construction for the
installation of the Temporary Digested Solids Dewatering Project at the Wildcat HillWastewater Treatment Plant for a total contract amount not to exceed $1,023,501.
This is needed due to the high amount of solids in the treatment process. This is a short term solution, 3-5 years. We’ll discuss a longer term solution January 14th.
Passed 5-0

Consideration and Approval of Contract: Bundled Drainage Improvement Projects #1 and #2 construction contracts
1) Approve the construction contracts with Kinney Construction Services in the amount of $153,605.81 for Bundled Drainage Improvements Project #1 with 120 calendar days contract time; and $207,395.89 for Bundled Drainage Improvements Project #2 with 120calendar days contract time

This is for various drainage projects throughout Flagstaff.
Passed 5-0

REGIONAL PLAN AMENDMENT, Trailside Apartments (111 Units)
A resolution amending the Flagstaff Area Regional Land Use and Transportation Plan to change the land use designation of approximately 4.02 acres of real property located at 600 West University Heights Drive from Parks and Recreation to High Density Residential(Changing Land Use Designation for Trailside Apartments).
Passed 6-1, Vice Mayor Evans opposed.

An ordinance amending the Flagstaff Zoning Map designation of approximately 4.02 acres of real property located at 600 West University Heights Drive from “SC”, Suburban Commercial, to ” HR”, High Density Residential (Amending Zoning Map for Trailside Apartments).
Passed 6-1, Vice Mayor Evans opposed.

NOTE (14A&B)
This parcel is currently commercial, the owner is currently entitled to build up to a 25 foot high commercial building occupying up to 80% of the property. The lot, in my opinion, is more suited to multi family housing, which is the zoning the owner asked for and the zoning Council approved. In my opinion, arguing against this change is contradictory to the goal of many of infill and more affordable housing.

111 units, with half a dozen or so as “affordable”, is one way to deal with Flagstaff’s overall affordability issues, even if it is in a small way. During the meeting I stated, “one way to address affordable housing is to increase the supply of housing, wether rentals or owner occupied”.

How long can some oppose steps that will help address housing costs in Flagstaff yet argue for more affordability. Far to often I see the actions of some as being contradictory to their actual stated goals.

Final Regional Plan Public Hearing
Several speakers gave comments in favor of keeping the plan as is and several for changes.

County Board Passes County’s version of Regional Plan 5-0.

This is a very unfortunate outcome!

• They only held 2 public hearings. County residents actually were coming to Council meetings to address concerns due to lack of meetings by the County.
• They adopted the draft plan as is, no changes, compared to potentially hundreds of changes that Council is debating.
• They did not delay the vote 90 days in order to await outcome of possible State Legislation to ALLOW County voters the RIGHT to vote.

Council will continue to debate and deliberate and Flagstaff voters WILL have the final say on the City’s version of the plan. Too bad the County residents will not have that right.

Little America 495 acre expansion PASSES 5-2
Coral Evans and Celia Barotz opposed.

I am pleased with the outcome of this vote. As it was, Little America had the right to develop hundreds of single family homes on 1 acre parcels. Last nights approved changed this to allow for more housing and a more diversified development. Once again, some argue for more affordable housing and more jobs yet their actions are often contrary to these goals. It’s simple, more houses of a varied type increase the supply of housing and has an impact on overall affordability. More investment in our community creates more economic activity, jobs, revenue, etc.

This concept apparently continues to allude anti growth groups such as Friends of Flagstaff’s Future.

“But representatives of Friends of Flagstaff’s Future, along with several other citizens, questioned whether the city needed increased tourism, especially if it overtaxed local water and sewerage systems”. AZ Daily Sun 12/4/13

I often wonder, do these folks live in a home? Wasn’t their home built at one point on land here in Flagstaff? Do they need money to live? If so where do they work? Don’t they need a vibrant economy as well? If this anti growth attitude existed in the past when their homes and jobs were created, would their homes and jobs exist here in Flagstaff today?

Several other public comments were quite revealing.

“They have the ability not to develop this property, they have enough money”, stated one speaker regarding the Holding family.

Well I guess they could just hoard their money and not reinvest. But people of wealth reinvesting their wealth is good for society. Reinvestment of capital creates jobs, increased economic activity, increased tax revenues so the City can provide services to the citizens of our community and so many other positive impacts. I say good for these investors, good for our community and thank you.

“We should keep this land as open space”, another speaker stated.

This is not open space though. This is private property that the owners have allowed residents of Flagstaff to use for 40 years. They could have put a fence around the property to keep everyone out, but they didn’t. They’ve been a good neighbor.

I’m glad to be part of the Council that is moving Flagstaff forward, pushing to grow our economy yet at the same time preserving the character and quality of Flagstaff. We have a lot more work to do but things are moving in a positive direction.

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