Little America Expansion Passes 5-2

Little America 495 acre expansion PASSES 5-2
Evans and Barotz opposed.

I am pleased with the outcome of this vote. As it was, Little America had the right to develop hundreds of single family homes on 1 acre parcels. Last nights approved changed this to allow for more housing and a more diversified development. Once again, some argue for more affordable housing and more jobs yet their actions are often contrary to these goals. It’s simple, more houses of a varied type increase the supply of housing and has an impact on overall affordability. More investment in our community creates more economic activity, jobs, revenue, etc.

This concept apparently continues to allude anti growth groups such as Friends of Flagstaff’s Future.

“But representatives of Friends of Flagstaff’s Future, along with several other citizens, questioned whether the city needed increased tourism, especially if it overtaxed local water and sewerage systems”. AZ Daily Sun 12/4/13

I often wonder, do these folks live in a home? Wasn’t their home built at one point on land here in Flagstaff? Do they need money to live? If so where do they work? Don’t they need a vibrant economy as well? If this anti growth attitude existed in the past when their homes and jobs were created, would their homes and jobs exist here in Flagstaff today?

Several other public comments were quite revealing.

“They have the ability not to develop this property, they have enough money”, stated one speaker regarding the Holding family.

Well I guess they could just hoard their money and not reinvest. But people of wealth reinvesting their wealth is good for society. Reinvestment of capital creates jobs, increased economic activity, increased tax revenues so the City can provide services to the citizens of our community and so many other positive impacts. I say good for these investors, good for our community and thank you.

“We should keep this land as open space”, another speaker stated.

This is not open space though. This is private property that the owners have allowed residents of Flagstaff to use for 40 years. They could have put a fence around the property to keep everyone out, but they didn’t. They’ve been a good neighbor.

I’m glad to be part of the Council that is moving Flagstaff forward, pushing to grow our economy yet at the same time preserving the character and quality of Flagstaff. We have a lot more work to do but things are moving in a positive direction.

3 thoughts on “Little America Expansion Passes 5-2

  1. Great remarks Jeff. I was especially appalled by the woman who said the holding family “already had enough money”. Unfortunately, I think this is the mentality that develops with an ever increasing welfare state.

  2. investment can be good or bad. goes for private as well as public. you can argue right to invest ones own money how one wants. investment may preclude investment in other directions, or crowding out in case of govt investment, theres only so much money and its being competed for. tourism was normally considered to be recession sensitive. how much education spending is cost effective. Is national debt a real issue, or can we print forever?

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