Labeling and Name Calling To Win An Argument.

It is unfortunate that some in opposition to the amended Flagstaff Regional Plan have had to resort to labeling and name calling in their effort to get their way. What they fail to realize is a community is much more than just their point of view and if we are to respect the democratic process, compromise is needed to ensure all Flagstaff residents are represented.

A local special interest group has been riling their membership up with calls to action over the past week to not support the amended plan…

“Tell them we want to be able to vote on the CAC written Regional Plan, not a Tea Party edited plan”

“Walk on over to City Hall to oppose the Tea Party edited version of the Regional Plan”

I find it ironic that the name calling and labeling is largely coming from a group that often touts “inclusivity”, “compassion” and in their mission statement envisions a “socially just community” and encourages “the democratic process”.

How can you claim to champion these ideals yet actively besmirch, ridicule and label those that oppose your point of view? How is that “socially just”? How does that “encourage” or “respect” the “democratic process”?

I am confident that the vast majority of people who spoke in favor of changes are not Tea Party members. But even if they were, are they not a part of our Community? Does the “democratic process” and social inclusion this local special interest group expound end when disagreement arises?

I would suggest my friends in this local special interest group look in the mirror and re-read their mission statement. You lose credibility and lose your argument when you resort to name calling and labeling.


10 thoughts on “Labeling and Name Calling To Win An Argument.

  1. Changes were made to the regional plan by every single member of the Flagstaff City Council…including council members who are also members of Friends of Flagstaff’s Future. Does F3 now consider Celia and Coral to be “tea party” people? It would be funny if this smear attempt wasn’t so pathetic.

  2. There are a good number of vagabonds in that special interest group. It’s great when people want to be a part of their community, but swooping in from elsewhere to try to strong arm change in a well-established community is rash at the least and questionable in terms of the impetus and how it is being funded.

  3. Interesting interpretation Jeff. In reading the newsletter article you reference, I concur that describing the edits as Tea Party inspired sounds like the application of a label, however, I do not see anything that strikes me as “besmirching” anyone, “ridiculing” anyone, nor “name calling”. Elisha, what makes it a “smear attempt”? What am I missing gentlemen?

    1. Friends of Flagstaff’s Future did the same thing when they withdrew their endorsement of the local food resolution and decided to fight against it. They said it was a “tea party” resolution. When Friends of Flagstaff’s Future wants to smear anyone for anything the call them “tea party”.

  4. Your comments are dead on. This City is made up of many diverse groups and people, all of whom have an opinion and the right to voice it. It is interesting that the group doing all the negative comments and name calling always identify them self as a group interested what’s best for Flagstaff and claims to speak for all of us but when anyone else offers their opinions they are ostracized.

  5. Jeff, yes, it used to be “neocons”. There was the “big box” scare. We had, “the evil developers”.

    Sadly, many would rather categorize people instead of bringing reasoned, and logical discussion to the table. “Tea Party” is just the latest boogie man label of both the ill-informed and ideological zealots used to try to dismiss real discussion and public discourse.

    How odd it is that the second amendment only works when you are attacking conservative values and not when conservative want to express…

  6. Excellent observations, Mr. Oravits.
    That you find irony and hypocrisy in the words and behaviour of the so-called “progressive/liberal”, self-appointed arbiters and saviours of all things – and only those things – they worship, is nothing new. Should you attempt to find reason and logic in practically ANY of their arguments, you will be demeaned, misquoted, maligned, attacked – because their reasoning is indefensible; as such, these century-old tactics are the only weaponry at their disposal. This regional plan is the latest local proof: to find perfection in any 200-page document without considerations, is a perfect picture of a peculiar mental state. Council members who were able to set aside party affiliations, ideologies, personal interests to craft a more inclusive, more palatable plan are the “renegades”. Well, who are the real renegades?

    Whether one is a “hide-in-the-dark counter-revolutionary”, a “threat to the aryan superiority”, a “destroyer of mother Earth”, “Tea Party fanatic”, the song is the same, only the singers are new. Fascism has worn many masks, hidden behind liberalism, progressivism, environmental radicalism, communism, social engineering and others. There are not many “-isms” that did any good for humankind, are there? Fascism has had no rightful place in history, and it still doesn’t.

    Here. I hope enough “labels” were included in this note. But here’s the difference: none of them can be proven wrong.

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