Backyard Chickens

ARE YOU IN FAVOR of restrictions on CHICKENS being eased in Flagstaff?

Easing restrictions and bans on chicken keeping statewide just passed a major hurdle in a House Committee.

Panel OKs bill overriding cities’ ban on raising fowl:

For the record, I have chickens. I’ve also encouraged local food and animal production in Flagstaff through a resolution which unfortunately has been held up by one of my colleagues.

Overall I think this is encouraging. I do have some concerns about the state trumping local rule though and the bill may also want to allow cities the ability to create minimum setbacks for a coop, similar to those for accessory buildings such as sheds.

You can still influence the process. I would be happy to convey any ideas to our Representatives.

What are your thoughts?


5 thoughts on “Backyard Chickens

  1. I am in favor of all types of home production and provident living. This is one of the lost American ideals – “georgic,” which referes to agricultural work. It was when our nation moved away from self-sufficiency and into massive specialization and huge cities that our liberty began to be replaed by a pursuit of security, and we began to accept the “progressive” (federalist, big-government) approach. If you look at a map of the nation showing political preferences, yoiu will see that the larger the city (and the more cities there are), the more liberal they are. Conversely, the more dependent they are on agriculture, and to a lesser degree on industry, the more conservative. Why? Becaluse people who WORK know its value, and recognize the lie of the “Free” lunch.

  2. Jeff we have chickens also. We live in Doney so no real restrictions here, but hopefully these restrictions are shot down. The more liberty we have the better we can choose what works for us and the better our economy will be. Thanks for fighting for liberty and freedom!

  3. Jeff, We would be happy to have domestic fowl in our neighborhood. We know folks (outside Flagstaff city limits) who have chickens and we’re happy to have them share their eggs. My mother raised chickens in the middle of San Diego – no problems. Joan Harris

  4. Raising chickens in Flagstaff should not even be an issue. Next thing is someone is going to want to put a ban on all other animals/fowl. business such as Hickmans next door would be an issue but there is something soothing and reminiscent of childhood to have chickens/ducks/geese in the neighborhoods.So please let us keep our fowl. Lee Harsh

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