Health Care Deductible

Shouldn’t we give City employees the CHOICE of having a higher deductible in order to lower their family’s insurance premiums?

The highest deductible currently available is $1,200. IF an employee makes a financial and/or risk decision and decide for themselves they want a higher deductible, that CHOICE should be made available to them.

When I was elected my family was given the opportunity to buy into the City’s health plan. I asked for a high deductible which I was told was $1,200 per year. The plan my family has through my business offers a $10,000 deductible per year. If I had gone on the City’s plan it would have cost my family about $400 extra per month, about $4,800 per year. I made a CHOICE that my family could save the $10,000 deductible through premium savings in just two years and set that aside for future health care needs.

I ask that we give City employees family’s the CHOICE for a higher deductible. Keep the lower deductible as an option for employees families but for those who are in the position to afford a higher deductible, wether that is a financial decision or personal risk decision, why not offer this as an option? Especially since I’m told this does not change the plan or the structure or cost of anyones plan with a lower deductible.

Unfortunately one of my colleagues was dead set against this. Why? What’s the harm here? Why argue against lowering a families monthly expenses?

How long can some argue they want to lower the cost of living in Flagstaff yet pass up opportunity after opportunity that would actually help families lower costs?

Let’s give the City’s employees and families more choices and lower their monthly expenses.

2 thoughts on “Health Care Deductible

  1. Jeff, you know that the city knows best, not the individual! Is there a local agent for the insurance company involved? You may have to follow the money to find out the real resistance to such a proposal.

  2. Jeff–I agree with you. When my husband and I had individual Blue Cross Insurance we selected the $5,000 per person deductible. Because we were in good health without any known health issues, we knew we could save by having lower premiums. Overall, we were looking for a balance between deductible and monthly premium. We had a basic 80/20 policy without the bells and whistles. Insurance is really supposed to be for those unforeseen, large medical bills. It was never meant to be for preventive health. People should pay for that out of their pocket just like they pay to have their oil and filters changed in their cars. The insurance is in case you get into an accident with your car.Unfortunately, people have become so accustomed to have others pay for everything. it’s robbing Peter to pay Paul. The government does not have money on its own. It only has what it takes by force from those who actually earn it. If health insurance was truly “insurance” premiums would be much lower and we would not be in the pickle we are in today with the entire health care system. We combined our health insurance plan with a tax savings account. The savings account would help to fund the deductible if need be. We really need to get back to having insurance be for the major things, not the every day minor things. And we need to get back to people paying for their own care, unless they truly cannot. Freedom is all about people making their own choices.

    One last comment–many people try to compare medicare to health insurance welfare, but it’s very different because people who work pay in to the medicare system their entire life. And then, when they turn 65 they continue to pay pretty high premiums if they are in the higher tax brackets. Personally, I would rather get back all the money I have paid in to medicare over my life time and then purchase my own, totally private health insurance. I would get better care!

    We can have a safety net for the truly needy, but people with plasma TVs, multiple cell phones, every new electronic gadget, cars, homes, appliances, etc (you get the point) are not “truly needy”. Life in European countries is deteriorating. Countries are going bankrupt. Riots are routine–all because the government is running out of other people’s money but the people there still want more. Do we want that to happen to us here!

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