IMPORTANT 5:00PM Council Meeting TOMORROW (2/25/14) regarding our unsustainable budgetary situation.

IMPORTANT 5:00PM Council Meeting TOMORROW (2/25/14) regarding our unsustainable budgetary situation.
At the February 7th budget retreat Council was told in no uncertain terms that as a City Flagstaff has more financial obligations than money coming in.

Because of this situation, I have recommended a 1% reallocation of the general fund budget, approximately $600,000, for FY2015, to be reallocated to the identified council priorities proportionally; streets/infrastructure and compensation.

As for what to cut in order to accommodate the reallocations in FY2015, I will leave that to staff to bring to Council several suggestions. Staffing levels addressed through attrition may be one avenue that may accomplish the 1% goal but I am open to suggestions.

I further recommend that for FY2016 budget cycle we return to the process used to craft the FY2014 budget in which each department came before Council to justify their budget, the needs of that department and services and service levels provided to Flagstaffs residents.

I will be looking for SUPPORT of two of my colleagues on this proposal tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “IMPORTANT 5:00PM Council Meeting TOMORROW (2/25/14) regarding our unsustainable budgetary situation.

  1. It’s sure a good thing the Council agreed to revise the Regional Plan, protecting us from those ADDITIONAL financial obligations!

    1. Carol, the Regional Plan does not actually require/demand any funding of anything. The document is a visionary statement. Something to aspire to.

  2. 1. And in such difficult time our elected representatives are raising their salaries?

    2. Being the city with limited industrial development should we copy social programs of NY or Chicago?
    3. Can we support such a huge school district, which is developing “their own school programs” for the city which has the size of a suburb?
    4. Can we support 10 or more lines of :public transportation for our little city(even if buses are free for the city)? Business people, who want to connect NAU with the shopping mall should pay for it with their own money…
    5. Having 3 large public libraries,( including one of of the NAU, which is open to anybody) 5 swimming pools and several parks, while being surrounded by beautiful nature with 180 trails — should our regional plan project some more recreational facilities?
    6.Our water is expensive. (For watering 10’x10′ grass lawn we paid a couple hundred dollars per months) Should we plant along the streets foreign trees-polluters, which are sucking huge amount of water, much more, than out local and unique pines?
    7. Many our streets roads cracked and are destroyed by very heavy machinery of cable company, which installed underground cables. Why our citizens should pay for their bad planned work?

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