Joe Harting calls out the Daily Sun on Thursdays show.

Joe Harting calls out the Daily Sun on Thursdays show.

to the Joe Harting Show (fast forward to about 24 minutes) as Joe Harting discusses The Arizona Daily Suns coverage of SB1062 and what many are calling an unfair bias aimed at Mayor Nabours and Councilman Oravits.

Some of Joe Hartings comments regarding Councilman Oravits post
Political hit piece or fair reporting by the AZ Daily Sun

“I don’t think it was a fair piece either”
“I’m not a guy that believes in liberal media conspiracies”
“When you see something that’s not reported accurately you gotta call it”
” I cannot look at that story and say it was a fair representation of Councilman Oravits”
“I’m disappointed. I read the Daily Sun everyday. I have a lot of respect and think they have done fantastic work on a lot of fronts”
“I think this piece, journalistically speaking didn’t accomplish what good journalism should accomplish”
“If I’m going to be honest, Jeff Oravits has a point”

“I would ask them humbly (AZ Daily Sun)…set the record straight…But if you want to add fuel to the speculation, that the medias bias, that the local paper has an anti Oravits, anti Nabours bias bent to it, or an anti conservative bent to it,then continue to ignore me and continue to ignore other people. I’m not a right winger here, making these calls…I’m a fan of the paper.”

The Daily Sun can be contacted at

6 thoughts on “Joe Harting calls out the Daily Sun on Thursdays show.

  1. Joe should also be aware that I, and probably others, were banned from expressing our opinions in the comment forums of the Daily Sun – literally banned – unable to respond. The reason given (to me) was completely bogus: ‘…not suitable for a family newspaper.’ I still have the emails regarding this from a couple of years ago and still have the discussions that preceded the ban, which completely negate the reason given for the ban. My comments were simply far too conservative and supportive of our Republic and Constitution and far too biased against the progressive/socialist agendas, especially the homosexual agenda. Both the editor and the publisher are aware of what was done, and why it was done.

  2. Dear Jeff, our newspaper in a typical representative of the city, the size of the suburb, where every 4-th is a student of mediocre and politically blind University. Not a lot of thinking citizens are subscribing this newspaper. So, do not be upset, be who you are. I will try to write to them, but know that this people do not like to understand some things. This Joe always gave me just a minute to talk, always was interrupting but many listeners appreciated..(I did not expect). So, we need this miserable to be stronger. This is their, more easy way to survive. Specially right now, when Obama is on the horse.
    With respect and admiration to you,
    Sophia K.

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