Week In Review

Week in review. February 28, 2014
Councilman Oravits gains support for his budget proposal.

City staff has identified a significant budgetary challenge to council and asked for guidance from us. We took a step towards solving that challenge recently when I gained support from three of my colleagues, Mayor Nabours and Councilors Woodson and Brewster and gave staff the advice they sought. Staff was directed to find reallocations within our existing budget in the amount of 1%, about $600,000, and shift these funds to our streets and other core services.

I’m happy to see a majority of Council come together with non-partisan support to address our local budgetary challenges. It’s refreshing to see this in today’s politically charged atmosphere.

Joe Harting calls out the Daily Sun on Thursdays show.

“I would ask them humbly (AZ Daily Sun)…set the record straight…But if you want to add fuel to the speculation, that the medias bias, that the local paper has an anti Oravits, anti Nabours bias bent to it, or an anti conservative bent to it,then continue to ignore me and continue to ignore other people. I’m not a right winger here, making these calls…I’m a fan of the paper.” Joe Harting


Interview on NAZ Today regarding proposed impact fee increases coming before Council this spring.


Interview with NAZ Today regarding SB1062.

“Let’s move on as a state and focus on important issues like infrastructure, jobs and education”


Councilman Oravits Statement on Budget Reallocations, Partisan Politics and SB1062


Council Striking Balance
Flagstaff Business News

“I have made it a priority to focus on economic issues, the cost of housing and our infrastructure, most notably, our streets.”


How I Voted, Flagstaff City Council Meeting 2/25



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