My push to fix our streets

Do you want to see Flagstaff’s streets repaired?

Are you willing to support a temporary sales tax increase if its dedicated to street repairs, sunsets and ongoing maintenance comes from our existing budget (along with no increase in property taxes)?

I’ve fought hard for the past two years to get more funding to our streets. Misplaced spending priorities among other factors got us in this situation. I’m committed to finding solutions to fix our streets and keep them in good repair going forward.

Here is a couple articles I was featured in this week regarding our streets and plans to fix them. Let me know your thoughts.
“I’m very hesitant to go to the voters to say, ‘Yes and we want a tax for maintenance.’ Because a lot of folks already say ‘I already pay a tax. I already have a high sales tax.’” Oravits said. “I think we should find that within the existing budget.”

“It will be imperative that this Council and future Councils maintain the streets,” Oravits said.

4 thoughts on “My push to fix our streets

  1. A sales tax is much better than a property tax because with a sales tax people have some choice, and everyone has some skin in the game. That is not the case with a property tax. Also, the sales tax would have a wider base.

  2. I support the one time tax only with the proviso you mentioned- that the new money is used only for repair of existing problems (not maintenance) and that future normal maintenance funding comes from existing budget without without any tax increase for that.

    I suggest that a careful audit be made on how state funds are allocated for street repairs in Flagstaff. It should start from the state funds inflowing to the Flagstaff general account to the allocation of funds for actual street repairs.
    The balance should be dollar for dollar; that is ALL state funds allocated to Flagstaff should end up used in road maintenance. I do not think this is the case presently.

    Until the City of Flagstaff stops giving away our tax money for charity and other misplaced priorities, it will be hard to get residents to swallow more taxation.

  3. Street maintenance is a high priority item for our City, and I believe a sales tax is the most equitable way of financing the ongoing projects needed to keep our roads in good condition. Since the roads are used by visitors and residents alike, the sales tax spreads the cost more fairly than a property tax would. I believe the City needs to focus on what is and is not the responsibility of the city government as regards to budget items… street maintenance needs to be a medium to high priority, along with funding for police, fire department, etc. Other items may need to be reduced in order to fund these vital services.

  4. You have not stopped at the Odd Fellows to see the map of needy people. As for the streets,they need fixing and can you guarantee the “sunset” tax will be just that and just for the streets. Is there another place that can be raped for the money, and where did the money go to that you alluded to. Lee

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