First Friday Art Walk and November Election

Two years ago many of you helped myself and Mayor Nabours get elected to the Flagstaff City Council. We both ran on a platform of economic and budgetary solutions with an emphasis on fixing our crumbling infrastructure. We’ve worked tirelessly toward these goals with much progress. More work is still needed not only with our infrastructure but with policies that improve our economy, business climate and so much more.

When I was elected I made a commitment to help others get elected to continue our efforts for the people of Flagstaff. That time is now upon us! I have committed to help who I feel are the best possible candidates.

Flagstaff’s future is in your hands and I ask you to stand with me and fight to get people elected that will move Flagstaff into the future and turn away those that want to return us to the FAILED POLICIES that brought us BAD ROADS, CRUMBLING INFRASTRUCTURE and FAILED ECONOMIC POLICIES.

Together you and I can make a difference. VOLUNTEERS are needed to help make sure the Flagstaff City Council remains BALANCED.

I can assure you that an aggressive plan to maintain balance on Council is already underway. You can join in this effort starting this Friday with many other opportunities in the future as well.

Join candidates and volunteers this FRIDAY September 5th starting at 5:30PM for FIRST FRIDAY ART WALK in Heritage Square in downtown Flagstaff.

In attendance will be Speaker of the House (&CD1 Candidate) Andy Tobin, CD1 Candidate Gary Kiehne, State Representatives Brenda Barton and Bob Thorpe, Mayor Jerry Nabours, myself and Candidate for Council Charlie Odegaard, among others.

We’ll be meeting with Flagstaff voters and need help handing out literature and reminding people the importance of voting in the November 4th General Election.

Please join us!

And please encourage everyone to VOTE FOR:


Together we will win this election and ensure that the Flagstaff City Council remains balanced and has the leadership needed to move our community into the future.

Jeff Oravits

For more information please feel free to email. To opt out simply reply to this email with “opt out” in the subject field.

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