Now that the elections are over…

Now that the elections are behind us I look forward to working with my colleagues on City Council as well as state and federal representatives on solutions to our many challenges.

There is much we can do to come together and much we can agree on. And for those times we cannot agree we’ll work through it and compromise to come up with the best possible outcome.

In the coming two years I will continue to push for infrastructure improvements, policies that encourage economic growth and solutions to our housing affordability challenges to name a few.

I will also expand outreach into the community by having more frequent area specific meetings so I can better understand community needs. I’ll also continue outreach through my weekly radio visits and my weekly “how I voted” post on my blog.

I welcome any ideas and comments about how to improve Flagstaff and how to best move our community into the future.

Thanks for your continued support.

One thought on “Now that the elections are over…

  1. Many of us are proud of you, and will continue to support you in your endeavors on council.
    The challenges will be numerous, maybe more than ever, but truth and integrity can, indeed should, prevail. Thank you for the first two years!

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