Weekly Update From Councilman Oravits

Support Flag P.D.
Tuesday I requested a future roundtable discussion with the Flagstaff Police Dept. to address retention of our officers. We lose nearly 25% of our force per year, mostly to competing agencies. This is unacceptable.

Join me in supporting our men and women in blue by emailing council and asking to ADD A FUTURE AGENDA ITEM ABOUT FLAG PD RETENTION. This discussion is long overdue.

Tour of Recycle Facility
This week I toured the recycle facility. I left with this question.

Why is the recycle center hand picking plastic bags off the conveyor belt only to throw them in the trash?

Some have been pushing a ban on bags claiming that all avenues have been looked into to reduce the amount of bags entering the landfill.

But I watched as bag after bag was hand picked and thrown in the trash pile. If someone’s already hand picking the bags, why not put them in a separate bin and divert them from the landfill for other purposes?

Just one of many simple solutions that can help with this issue.

Property Tax Opposition
It appears that 3 of my colleagues on Council are willing to raise property taxes, perhaps by as much as 8%.

I will not support raising property taxes. PERIOD!

We have about a quarter billion dollar overall city budget. I am confident we can adequately fund city hall with current revenues.

Please feel free to email council your thoughts on a property tax increase.


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