Council Meeting March 31


Over $10,000,000 will be invested in our streets in the next few months. That’s more than the previous five years combined.  



This has a lot to do with street closures and events on City property. For example, closing streets downtown or events in Heritage Square. 
Should staff be given the authority to close streets and not council?  Should there be a limit on the number of Primary Retail Sales Events?  Limit number of vendors at Secondary Retail Sales Events?  Should Alcohol Sales need City Council Approval?
– Staff Suggestions to Relieve Flagstaff Parking Challenges, particularly in neighborhoods and businesses around NAU.  
1. Permit Parking
2. Paid on Street Parking (kiosk or meters)
3. Build more parking (surface $5,000, structure is $25,000/space)
4. More public transit
5. Non of the above
This is a very tough issue. NAU parking permits are close to $500 so people are parking in neighborhoods and businesses around NAU putting serious pressure on available parking availability. There will be much more discussion on this issue in the months to come. 
– Staff proposed using existing building and remodeling it to meet current and future needs.
– Phased process.  Build on current location, move into remodeled section and remodel vacated section.
– Estimated cost $12,000,000.
– Build on north part of lot.  2 story structure.  4 courtrooms.  Office space.
– 36,000 sq ft plan (currently 10,000 sq ft)
Here are the challenges I see with this. First is parking. We need adequate parking now and for future growth. I did not see adequate parking in this proposal and encouraged staff to address this. The other major issue is funds. The court has about $7,000,000 set aside so coming up with the additional $5,000,000 will be tough. I suggested a longer staged construction process. 
I requested staff memos for the following and may request future council meetings and possible amendments to the following;
– parking of campers, trailers etc. in residential areas (currently not allowed)
– snow parking ordinance info and does it need updating
– update on streaming of all commission meetings. I want these meetings streamed ASAP. 
– commercial buildings pushed to the front of streets. Is this required? If so why? I have received complaints from developers being pushed to place their buildings right up against the street. This does not always work in every situation. 
I asked for a future work session with code enforcement and solid waste regarding community priorities such as curbside garbage (piled up in neighborhoods, mattresses etc), graffiti, temporary sign enforcement. What’s our priority with our limited resources. I for one prefer trash to be removed over code enforcement proactively (non complaint) going after businesses over temporary signs. Let’s articulate our communities priorities. 
Next meeting Monday April 6th at 4pm at City Hall with County Board of Supervisors. 

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