An Update from Councilman Oravits

   PD receives big pay increase!
• HOLD THE DATE. MAY 5th, 6:00PM
Council will be asked to join the Living Wage Coalitions MINIMUM WAGE LAWSUIT. This may ultimately lead to Flagstaff setting its own minimum wage, most likely much higher than the rest of Arizona. 
Come out and support the proposed VA Home on McMillan Mesa. There will be a presentation at City Hall April 28, 4:30-6:00PM
Thanks to the MANY people that emailed opposing a property tax increase and those that supported a police pay increase. Without your support we could not have done this. This represents four years in a row without a city property tax increase, saving the taxpayer millions! 
I want to thank Mayor Nabours, Councilmember Overton and Brewster for standing firm opposing a property tax increase.   All of Council, staff and especially the city manager did a great job on the overall budget this year.
As it turned out, we didn’t need to ask Flagstaff taxpayers to open up their wallets. A few budget items accepted without the need for a tax increase:
• Market pay for Police Officers
• Heart monitors for Fire Dept
• PD dispatch pay increase
• Dispatch longevity incentives
• Paramedic pay increase
• Software & other tech upgrades
• Utility equipment upgrades
And so much more…
I’m very happy that Council supported a budget that addresses the police departments 30% loss rate that I brought forward earlier this year.  Bringing our officers up to market pay will help reduce the amount of officers we lose to competing agencies and is a huge benefit to our community.  I’m also satisfied that the budget delivers new safety equipment to the police and fire department, adds new software and other tech upgrades throughout the city, new utility equipment and so much more.  This years budget is a great example of how the City can deliver top notch services through prudent budgeting while at the same time not raising taxes.     
Councilman Jeff Oravits

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