Tuesday May 12th Council Work-session Notes

Council will vote next Tuesday, May 19th, to donate land on McMillan Mesa for a future Veterans Assisted Care Home.  I support this 100%.  Let’s get this approved!
Household (gpd)
180 gpd 1988
108 gpd 2015
Same water volume being delivered today as was in 1990.
Population today is 65,000.  Population in 1990 was 45,000.
12,000 acre feet currently available.
8,000 additional acre feet available with addition of Red Gap Ranch.
It is projected at our current 60 year growth rate, 1.4%, that Flagstaff will need to bring red gap water into Flagstaff by 2040.
Reclaimed water is over 20% of our total water delivered.
11% loss of water due to leaks.  This is an area we can improve.

One thought on “Tuesday May 12th Council Work-session Notes

  1. More and more gigantic water suckers foreign trees arrive in Flagstaff.. Who cares? Tax payers would cover the water and salt along the roads would be OK to use…

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