An Update From Councilman Oravits


Will the Flagstaff City Council vote to join a lawsuit allowing the city to set a higher minimum wage?  Will this eventually lead to Flagstaff joining cities like LA and Seattle with a $15 minimum wage?  The outcome may have serious economic consequences for Flagstaff. 

Your comments and presence is requested TODAY, Tuesday, June 2nd at 6:00PM, Flagstaff City Hall. If you can’t make it in person you can contact council at

Also on the agenda tonight

• VA HOME RECONSIDERATION…On Tuesday I submitted formal written request to reconsider last weeks vote donating land to the VA. It has come to my attention that the amendments proposed by Councilwoman Putzova will not be accepted by the VA and that this projects status is in jeopardy.  I will propose a new more practical resolution that gives staff ample room to negotiate with the VA and come up with a course of action that gets this Veterans Home built ASAP.

• REPORT ON FOREST FIRE POTENTIAL…According to a staff presentation, Flagstaff is at the lowest level of risk of forest fire since keeping records. The April and May storms and cool weather are to credit. We still have to be vigilant until the monsoons begin but things are looking very good. 

VA HOME FUNDINGI met with Representatives Barton and Thorpe recently to discuss state funding for a Flagstaff Veterans assisted care home. Both are committed to funding this project.  

One thought on “An Update From Councilman Oravits

  1. When Putzova and f3 didn’t show open opposition to the VA project, we knew that they will find another, typical sneaky approach. If you don’t think that this was pre-planned, then you don’t know these people. They have zero interest in any kind of compromise in any of their agendas regardless of what they say, therefore it is high time to treat them accordingly.

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