FIGHT $18 with $18!

FIGHT $18 WITH $18!

Did you see today’s article?
Is an $18/hour minimum wage in the works for Flagstaff?  

CONTRIBUTE $18 TODAY to help Jeff Oravits fight this horrible idea. 

Jeff Oravits is committed to continuing to fight for Flagstaff’s economy. 

Contribute $18 today to help Jeff oppose an attempt to make Flagstaff have the highest minimum wage in the state, if not the nation. 


paid for by Jeff4Flagstaff

One thought on “FIGHT $18 with $18!

  1. One believes the cost of living in Flagstaff is high, with an 18 dollar increase in wages Flagstaff would be unliveable for all. Restaurants would close as no one could afford to eat out or for that matter buy groceries for Grocery Stores would close. No one would be able to afford to even go to the hospital much less see a physician whether in the office or Emergency Room at the hospital. Flagstaff residences could not afford to buy anything at Any business, not even the movie theather. Reality seems to escape those that propose an 18 dollar an hour. And the same goes for the 15 dollar an hour. Housing costs would rise, rents which are high now would be even higher. Schools, property taxes, etc. would be even higher. What in heavens name are those people who want Something for Nothing thinking of. We all would like to be paid more but the reality is wages are based on demand. If a hamburger were 10 dollars at a restaurant, would you eat out? No, one can hardly afford what hamburgers or any meal in a restaurant costs now. Does anyone realize they would not get 18 dollars an hour for a 8 hour workday. No, by the time taxes are taken out, they would be back to where they began as Federal and State taxes are based on income, the higher the income, the more taxes are paid. Wages affect costs of any business. It even affects the cost that we Flagstaff citizens pay our Council as well as City Government employees which include the Police and Firemen as well. We are already taxed highly by Local, State, Federal. How much more does anyone think Flagstaff citizens can afford? Flagstaff relies heavily on tourism as we have little of Industry/manufacturing in this city to fall back on in tough economic times. If Flagstaff becomes to high in costs, which includes the hotels and motels, to visit or engage in any activities, then everyone loses as people will not come to visit due to high wage costs. Some people forget that actions are followed with consequences.

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