Parking, Roundabouts and…Donald Trump?

A Packed Council Agenda with a little bit of everything tonight. Would you believe we’ve even got Donald Trump on the agenda. 

From KAFFNews
City Council To Tackle Parking, Marriott And Donald Trump This Week

A citizen petition was submitted opposing Donald Trump. Our Charter states that any citizen petition must be heard within 30 days.

Here is a link to the citizen petition.

I have made it clear, I will not use my seat on Council by supporting resolutions of a political nature.  It doesn’t get much more political then presidential politics. Will some of my colleagues decide to support this petition? We’ll see tonight. It comes for a vote and will require four Council Members to move it to the next step of the process. You can watch the meeting here.  

I know Presidential politics can get heated and emotional.  There’s a lot to weigh in on.  But I’ve got a job to do locally.  That’s why I remain focused on local issues.  While some have repeatedly decided to use their position as a soap box for their political, and often times social, agenda, I choose to spend my time and efforts on things like caring for our local Veterans by getting a Veterans Home built in Flagstaff, fixing our aging infrastrucutre and growing our economy through sound policies.

Will you JOIN ME to fight for our Veterans by supporting SB1114, the $10mil appropriation bill for a Veterans Care Home in #Flagstaff 
Send me supporting comments by email, and I’ll personally deliver your message of support next week to the Governor and the Legislature. 

4:00PM  – Final Vote on Switzer Roundabout. Will I be the lone NO VOTE on this $2.4 million “gem”?

– Downtown parking meters
– Animal Keeping Ordinance Update, I’ve been waiting to get these common sense changes for a long time!
– Right of way purchase for future lane along Humphrey’s by proposed new Marriott.  
– Agreement with ADOT for future red gap pipeline right of way

You can comment on anything to the City Council by emailing

UPCOMING:  Get your tickets for the February 15th Lincoln Day Dinner.  I’ll be moderating a Congressional Debate with Mayor Nabours.  CD1 is considered one of the most competitive races in the nation!

2 thoughts on “Parking, Roundabouts and…Donald Trump?

  1. What is the animal ordinance about. Where on 180 is the Merriott going to be built and how is the city council managing the problem of 180 as to the Snow Bowl traffic, not only in town but the problems that are being had along the route which involves Baderville residents? Seems to me ADOT and Flagstaff are ignoring the traffic problems we have in Flagstaff during Winter as well as Summer. Each year it is getting worse and solutions are being ignored.

    As to the political resolutions this City Council seems to enjoy involving themselves in, have no place in the City Council. Each one is hired to do the business of Flagstaff and problem solve Flagstaff’s many problems, not to spout their political preference or agenda. I do not stand alone on this as many people are fed up with “political agendas as well as political correctness”. The members of this City Council that use this forum to push their own agendas are insulting as well as creates divisions. This country was founded on Freedom of Speech as well as Freedom of Ideas which it seems some members of this City Council either have forgotten or have decided it is Only their thoughts that are important. Sorry, the City Council must remain Politically free and do their jobs in working out problems as to the inner workings of Flagstaff. Again this petition is not only wasting the City Council’s time but also an affront to any and all citizens of Flagstaff.

    The City Council needs to rethink the roundabout on Switzer Canyon. I moved here in 1974 and I remember that area being unstable in the ground for any additional building , with the gulch or underground stream on the Turquoise side of the road as well as the hill that the housing is on that nothing should be done to cause more instability. Displacing the two homes is wrong to build a Roundabout when there are two other solutions this council has indeed decided to ignore as either Stop signs or a Traffic light would cost less and still be as effective. I am surprised at the City Council voting for such a costly project. Eminent Domain is wrong in this case as again there are other solutions which would not displace those people involved-what if it were their home? I am also assuming the engineer/geological departments have been involved with this project. This Council seems to feel money is no object, so what if it is tax payer money. Seems this City Council has yet to realize the economy is not back to normal and even if it were, still they must protect the integrity of tax payer money by watching costs.

    I would appreciate if you would print this reply and give it to the City Council members.

    Kathe Gilbert

    1450 W. Kaibab Lane #169

    Flagstaff, Arizona 86001


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