Worksession Tonight, Previewing Carbon Fee Proposal, Nabours vs. Evans

Last week, Mayor Jerry Nabours announced he is running for re-eletion.  Later today, Councilwoman Coral Evans is expected to announce she’s running for Mayor against the Jerry Nabours in the November election.  

Looks like election season has begun in Flagstaff.

The Daily Sun recently reported that myself, Councilwoman Karla Brewster, F-Cubed Board Member Adam Shimoni and Jared Hart have pulled papers for the Council race.  The Daily Sun is correct, I have pulled papers, but I have not made a final decision on re-election yet, but intend to in the next few weeks after I finish a couple important projects and of course, talk it over with my family and people around Flagstaff. I will say though, I’m VERY STRONGLY CONSIDERING RUNNING FOR RE-ELECTION to the Flagstaff City Council.  DO I HAVE YOUR SUPPORT TO RUN FOR RE-ELECTION?  CONTRIBUTE HERE.

I enjoy being a Councilmember and we’ve accomplished a lot in the past few years, like finally addressing our aging infrastrucure, getting our Police a much needed pay increase and working towards a Veterans Home (to name just a FEW things). But there’s a lot more we can and must get done for Flagstaff. 
Another reason for me waiting to make this final decision is I am swamped right now with two important projects. First, I am working with the AZ Legislature to ensure that HB2329 & SB1114, the bills funding a Veterans Care Home in Flagstaff, get passed and signed by the Governor. Second, I am preparing to moderate the first Congressional District 1 Debate on February 15th, right here in Flagstaff. So I anticipate a final decision around mid-February once I complete these two very important projects.  

Thanks for your support!


  • Presentation on Children’s Garden in Foxglenn Park.
  • Introduction of Terros and Crisis Response Network: The Mobile Crisis System That Helps Get Flagstaff’s Mentally Ill the Help They Need When They Need It.
  • Presentation of Specific Plan Work Program for Comprehensive Planning.
  • Discussion on the City of Flagstaff Sidewalk Maintenance and Repairs Program
  • Review of Draft Agenda Items for the February 2, 2016, City Council Meeting.** Public comment on draft agenda items will be taken at this time, at the discretion of the Mayor.A. CALL OUT: Consideration and Adoption of Resolution No.2016-03: A Resolution of the City of Flagstaff Urging the United States Congress to Pass Carbon Fee and Dividend Legislation.  (REFER TO ITEM 15-A OF THE FEBRUARY 2, 2016, DRAFT AGENDA FOR FURTHER INFORMATION)

Here’s a link to the agenda.  The meeting starts at 6:00PM.  You can also watch it live online.

Couple of upcoming events this week:

• Tune in to my weekly radio update, Thursday, 7:30AM on KAFF 93.5FM/930AM.

• Presenting city update and Q&A to NAZ Realtors.  8:30AM, Thursday, Little America.
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One thought on “Worksession Tonight, Previewing Carbon Fee Proposal, Nabours vs. Evans

  1. I am hoping you will decide to run for re=election. I certainly understand that you must consider your family as they are apart of your life. Whatever you decide hopefully you have also considered what God wants for you as with His direction you can not go wrong. I have the Jeff4 Flagstaff mailing address as I never donate over the Internet. Best ever. Kathe Gilbert

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