Need Support For Veterans Home

PLEASE email Chairman Borrelli and ask him to support HB2329, appropriation for a Veterans Care Home in Flagstaff,

This Thursday, I will be testifying in front of the House Veterans Affairs Committee in favor of funding a Veterans Care Home in Flagstaff. I’ll also spend time meeting with Speaker Gowan, Senator Allen, Rep. Barton and Thorpe, among many others. LET’S GET THIS BUILT! 


Pic above: Visiting the site of the future VA Home with the Speaker of the House.

Tonight, Council will be voting on a resolution supporting a carbon tax. I do not support this scheme. Please feel free to email your thoughts to

Mayor Nabours has a request for a broad discussion related to housing. I’ve been advocating for three years for changes to City policy to help encourage more affordable housing in Flagstaff. Last year I requested a future agenda item on the city costs related to housing, such as water meters, resource protection and low impact development.  I support a broad discussion on housing in Flagstaff.

Don’t forget to get your tickets to the Lincoln Day Dinner and CD1 Forum. Buy your tickets online.  

DONATE to Jeff Oravits so he can continue to get things done for Flagstaff.  

paid for by Jeff4Flagstaff

One thought on “Need Support For Veterans Home

  1. I am the Vice President of the SaddleBrooke Republican Club, the largest in Arizona. We have scheduled a Super meet & Greet in SaddleBrooke on 4/14/2016. Six candidates have accepted. I’m trying to contact late entrants.

    Please contact me at 21-627-3627

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