Oravits, June 2nd Update

I turned in about 1,200 signatures and I will be on the ballot for re-election to the Flagstaff City Council.  Thank you to everyone that helped get signatures for your continued support.  I look forward to having the opportunity to serve the community for four more years.  If you can help, please consider making a contribution online. THANKS!

The sign code amendments have been delayed for 1 more week to allow staff a little more time to prepare. Changes have to do with the REED Supreme Court Decision which basically says the City needs to regulate temporary signs in the public right of way evenly. For example, if you allow a political sign, you must allow a private garage sale sign. The other option is to not allow any temporary signs in the public right of way which is the direction Council has given. We’ll vote on this at the June 7th meeting.

This change to the City Code is brought about by the passage of SB1079 during the legislative session of 2015, which amended A.R.S. 49-746. The law was signed into effect by the Governor on April 1, 2015 with an effective date of July 1, 2016. The legislation created a new class of solid waste collections customer, Multifamily Residential Properties, and directed municipalities to prescribe rules for the delivery of recycling and solid waste management services to Multifamily Residential Properties that promote the availability of these services and competition in the delivery of these services.
Solid Waste’s multifamily residential customers comprise 24 percent of its commercial collection revenue, or an estimated $700,000 per year. If we lose multifamily residential accounts to competition, we would need to adjust routes, staffing and landfill revenue collection expectations.
Solid Waste is recommending that we adjust our rates to allow for this efficiency and to remain competitive. As we adjust multifamily residential rates to remain competitive with collections, the estimated collection revenue reduction is approximately $66,000/year, if all accounts are retained and no new accounts are obtained. Competition created by Legislation may also create some account loss.

We Contracted with RBC Capital Markets of Phoenix for $100,000 to sell bonds for voter approved projects including PROP 406 Road Repair, Watershed Protection, Maintenance Yard and Voter Approved Open Space. RBC will go out to the market to sell bonds most likely in the 2-3% range. Total bonds for all is about $28,000,000.

I asked council to get behind my proposal to have the Legislature lower the signature requirements for city council candidates to get on the ballot in future elections. Eva Putzova opposed. 

The last council election, candidates required about 500 signatures. This election, 771. Next election is predicted around 1,100. That’s minimum. That means this election you better get 1,100. 2018, you better get 1,400. 

Higher requirements to run for council vs running for Legislature or even Congress? Higher requirements keep candidates off the ballot. We should be encouraging people to run for office. Not discouraging them.
I have requested more info on this issue and I am working with Represetatives Barton and Thorpe to address this state wide.  This would also most likely require a Charter amendment.
paid for by Jeff4Flagstaff

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