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They want more of your tax dollars!  We said no!

Just four short years ago, when Mayor Nabours and I took office, we faced multi million dollar budget shortfalls, a stalled local economy and failing infrastructure due to decades of neglect. We now have multi million dollar surpluses, built up reserves, a growing economy and hundreds of millions going towards our infrastructure. 

Last nights Council Meeting was a perfect example of how quickly we can fall back to the failed practices of the past if we’re not careful. At the meeting Council member Evans and Putzova tried to raise Flagstaff property taxes, as high as a 10% increase, over $600,000!

Evans said we are “giving it away” by not TAKING the increase and that the City needs a “cost of living increase”.  This despite a $23,000,000, 10% budget increase over last year. I’d call that a pretty big cost of living increase! THEIR proposal failed.  

Nabours, Brewster, Oravits and Overton voted 4-3 not to raise YOUR PROPERTY TAXES!

Later in the meeting Council agreed to not sell the Mogollon Maintenance Yard and instead return it to Thorpe Park. During this discussion we learned that the city had many millions of dollars (beyond our reserves) in already available dollars to accommodate not selling this land in order to finance the new maintenance yard on West 66. 

Raising property taxes just to prove an ideologically driven political position is just plain wrong and is a glimpse of the kind of leadership I do not want to see for our community. 

Our budget is very healthy with surpluses and money set aside. It’s taken a lot of hard work and a fiscally responsible majority to get us here. Let’s not go back to the past and with budget surpluses and healthy reserves, let’s give the hard working people of Flagstaff a break and let them keep their money!

I need your help to make sure the Flagstaff City Council remains a fiscally responsible majority. I have a goal of raising $5,000 this summer so we can win the election this fall. 

If you’ve given to my campaign already, thanks, I greatly appreciate it. If you haven’t and you can, any amount helps. 

Thanks for your continued support. 

Jeff Oravits

Paid for by Jeff4Flagstaff


  1. If it’s not broken – don’t try to fix it. Let’s keep Mayor Nabours, Councilman Jeff Oravits and Counciwoman Karla Brewster working for us. The only way it can get any better is to bring Charlie Odegaard onto the team!

  2. Jeff Orbits, you need to run for Mayor, give Mayor Cora Evans a run for her money. It is not too late to throw you hat in the ring.. other wise the Socialist Progressives will over run the City Council as they have now. Mr. Odegaard is a big disappointment same as rest of City Council. Get that Petition out so we can sign.

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