Flagstaff Traffic Plan

Join the Oravits Family in the July 4th Parade!
My family will be marching in the Fourth of July Parade and would love to have you join us.   We will be meeting at 8:30AM on July 4th on Hunt Street between Leroux and Beaver.  Wear red, white and/or blue.  We’ll have plenty of water.

A Plan For Traffic:  Traffic has been a challenge for a long time in Flagstaff.  Creating and implementing a traffic congestion relief plan will be one of my top priorities over the next four years.  Last Tuesday, Council was presented a proposed traffic plan from the Flagstaff Metropolitan Planning Organization, which I’ve been a member of for the past four years.

I applaud the steering committees efforts and it’s a great start.  Over the next year+ Council will be refining this plan and taking input from the community.  Ultimately Council will send this to the voters, most likely in 2018.

I would like to see several things happen with this plan.

  1. We need greater control of the ADOT controlled corridors of Milton, Lake Mary, Humphrey’s, 180, 89 and 66.  These represent the majority of traffic issues our city deals with.  At a minimum, I want Flagstaff to take a greater roll in enhancing these corridors.  This needs to include traffic light synchronization, median enhancements and additional right turn lanes to name a few.  We will also need to look at limiting left turns when feasible.  I took my kids to Dairy Queen on Milton the other day and watched someone eating a cone while driving whipping across four lanes to make a left turn in heavy traffic, a recipe for disaster.  This may be somewhat contentious but a lot of accidents and traffic backups happen when someone tries to cut across 5 lanes of traffic.
  2. New bridges over I-40 on 4th Street.
  3. A new corridor from JW Powell to South Fourth Street.  This is not currently on the proposed traffic plan but I will look forward to vetting out this proposal.
  4. A vigorous public process to hear the community’s concerns, comments and suggestions.

I want to hear from you.  Your ideas and input will be vital in this process.


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