Building Collaborative Relationships

Coffee with Congressman Gosar, Councilman Oravits and Mayor Nabours.
Monday, August 15th.  7:30AM-9:00AM.  Mike & Ronda’s, 21 S. Milton Rd.
Event link for RSVP

Building Collaborative Relationships.
Since being elected in 2012 I have worked very hard to build relationships with our state and federal representatives. And I’ve brought many of these representatives to Flagstaff so residents can meet with them to express their needs for our community.

I’ve hosted quite a few town halls with our LD6 delegation, hosted a town hall with the House Appropriations Chair, events with the Speaker of the House, events with our Senators and Congressional Representatives. In fact I have a coffee with Congressman Paul Gosar this Monday. I’ve also hosted events with the Governor, I actually helped organize and facilitate Flagstaff’s first ever gubernatorial debate.

Effective governance requires collaborative relationships.  I’ve worked hard to develop good relations with the Governor, State Senators and Representatives and several members of Congress.  And we’ve seen some really big successes for Flagstaff because of these efforts.

“Councilman Jeff Oravits has built relationships with the Legislature that simply did not exist prior to his taking office in 2012.  The results of his efforts are clear.  Oravits was instrumental in securing the $10,000,000 needed in state funding for a future Flagstaff Veterans Care Home.  It is unlikely this funding would have been successfully budgeted without his hard work and knowledge of the budgetary process. Flagstaff is well represented with Jeff Oravits on the City Council, and he is truly getting things done for the people of Flagstaff.”  Speaker of the AZ House, David Gowan

I’ve been able to communicate our needs and they have responded by approving, as one example, $10,000,000 for a Flagstaff Veterans Home.  I’ve also expressed disagreement when warranted.  For example, I and many others in FLG opposed SB1062.

If given the opportunity to continue to serve I will continue getting things done for Flagstaff by continuing to foster collaborative relationships with our local, state and federal representatives and partners.

Oravits meeting with constituents in Cheshire on Saturday.

paid for by Jeff4Flagstaff

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