City Council Meeting 8/16/2016

City Council Meetings August 16, 2016
Link to Agenda
Link to meeting VIDEO

8/20 9AM-10AM
Come on out and talk with Mayor Nabours, Councilman Oravits & Brewster and Candidate Odegaard.
8/29 5:30PM at the Mayor (KAFF Debate)
8/31 5:30PM at Little America (Chamber of Commerce/Realtors Debate)

Our 4PM meeting is generally reserved for routine items.  
Council usually has voting MEETINGS the first and third of every month.  
All 7 Council Members Present.  17 Votes Total.  All 7-0
Approval of Past Minutes

Personnel Board  Appointment

7-0 Cathy Spiers 
Parks & Recreation Commission Appointments
7-0 Tom Ziegler 
7-0 Brian Bloom
7-0 Michael Trouche
Sustainability Commission Appointments
7-0 David McCain
7-0 Brian Peterson
2016 Desktop and Supplies Contract
Awarded to Quality Connections of Flagstaff
7-0 Accept the Proposal and approve the agreement with Quality Connections Inc. for annual purchases of desktop office supplies; and authorize the City Manager to execute the necessary documents.  Last year council spent about $200,000 on office supplies.
Library Supplies, Up To $594,000 (Library Budget)
7-0 Approve the cooperative agreement for Library Supplies and Services through the separately procured agreement between the City of Mesa and Baker & Taylor Inc
Election Services Contract $60,000
7-0 Intergovernmental Agreement between City of Flagstaff and Coconino County for election services for the General Election of November 8, 2016.  The County runs the elections for the council election and any city propositions and or initiatives.
Firefighters Grant with FEMA
7-0  FEMA Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) and the City of Flagstaff for the Regional Training Grant.  the Grant Agreement to FEMA (Assistance to Firefighters) for grant funds totaling in the amount of $186,395.00 (Federal share $169,450, City/Fire District Share $16,645) to improve regional operational efficiency and scene safety.

7-0 Agreement with GFR partners (Summit Fire District, Highland Fire District and Ponderosa Fire District) for the FEMA AFG Regional Training Grant totaling $186,395 of which 10% is from matching funds by GFR partners (City of Flagstaff’s share is $9,727)

Contract with the Arizona Power Authority to purchase electricity from Hoover Dam.  This will provide about 2% of electricity to City facilities and saves Flagstaff thousands of dollars per year.
7-0 Reading of Resolution
7-0 Adoption of Resolution

AZ State Forestry Division Cooperative Intergovernmental Agreement
7-0 It’s purpose is to cooperatively work together (City and State) to train for, detect, secure equipment, and respond to wildfires.  There is no cost to the City.  

This allows easements for underground electric lines.  The easements will encumber a portion of the property located at 2843 West Shamrell and 3051 West Shamrell Boulevard at the Flagstaff Airport, and a portion of the property at Wheeler Park
7-0 Resolution Read
7-0 Resolution Adopted

August 16, 2016, 6PM Council Meeting

The 6PM meeting usually has items on it that may have a greater public interest.
Council usually has voting MEETINGS the first and third of every month.
All 7 members present.
15 Votes Total.  (13) 7-0, (1) 4-3, (1) 5-2
2 F.A.I.R. Items proposed.  2 advanced.
(FAIR items require a minimum of four members support to advance to a future meeting)


Building 3 has been leased by United States Geological Survey under the administration of the General Services Administration (GSA) since 1974. The lease for Building 3 will be expiring December 31, 2016. At this time GSA would like to extend the existing lease agreement until December 31, 2019.
7-0 Reading of Resolution
7-0 Resolution Adopted
On June 30, 2016, the City received a Request for Lease Proposal (RLP 5AZ0152) from United States General Services Administration (GSA) regarding building 6. The lease on building 6 is scheduled to expire on December 31, 2016. GSA requested a new lease related to building 6, which would extend the term to 20 years, 10 years firm.
7-0 Reading of Resolution

7-0 Resolution Adopted

Purina Odor Mitigation & FUTS

7-0 In plain speak, Purina has received a tax abatement since 1978.  That was scheduled to end in 2015.  We agreed to extend it two more years, a total of $800,000 and they have agreed.  2017 will mark the end of tax abatements for Purina.  With the $800,000 in tax savings Purina will invest about $4,000,000 total in odor mitigation and a FUTS trail.  Second and final read is September 6th.

League Resolutions

Next week, Mayor Nabours, myself and Councilman Overton will represent Flagstaff at the Arizona League of Cities.  This is an annual meeting of Arizona’s 91 towns and cities.  There are seminars, meetings and opportunities to network with representatives form 91 other communities.  
These are the 9 resolutions being proposed by various cities or the league.  I have the name of the requester next to each item.  Council voted on which ones to have the Mayor support at the League Resolutions Committee Meeting next week. The items that the league passes will move forward for further lobbying to the Legislature in 2017.
  • Seek legislation to create the Economic Development Reimbursement Authority (EDRA) system for infrastructure and improvements.  Surprise 7-0
  • Amend statute to authorize retention and detention basin improvement districts to levy and expend money to operate, maintain, repair and improve retention and detention basins within a municipality.  Yuma 7-0
  • Create workable, mutually beneficial construction sales tax reform.  League 7-0
  • Simplify the re-zoning language for cities and towns to reflect the more direct county language.  I take this as trying to clarify the process of neighboring properties to a rezone case.  Example, the HUB.  I supported it with the understanding that if we see Legislation being proposed that diminishes property rights, we oppose it.  I think the intent is to make the process more clear and as long as it stays that way it will continue to have my support. Sedona 4-3, Barotz, Evans, Putzova opposed.
  • Seek legislation to remove any limitation or penalty in accessing PSPRS retirement benefits as the member is transitioning into a job reassignment as an accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Surprise 7-0
  • Design legislation to improve the county island annexation process without undue burden to any one party.  Sierra Vista, Yuma 7-0
  • Revise and update the disincorporation statutes. League 7-0
  • Explore options that create funding solutions and/or financing authority to deal with PSPRS unfunded pension liabilities. League 7-0
  • Support the presence of military installations.  Sierra Vista 5-2, Barotz and Putzova opposed.  

Self Insurance Trust Fund

7-0 The proposed changes to the Self-Insurance Trust Fund ordinance will require the City Council to appoint a Board of Trustee (versus having the Audit Committee Members serving as Trustees) and will help clarify the roles of the Trustees, consistent with Arizona Revised Statutes 11-981 related to establishing trust funds.  FINAL VOTE SEPTEMBER 6th.


ADVANCED Future Agenda Item Request (F.A.I.R.): A request by Councilmember Putzova to place on a future agenda a discussion re Thorpe Park and the steps needed to keep open space designation into the future.

ADVANCED AS A REPORT TO COUNCIL Future Agenda Item Request (F.A.I.R.): A request by Mayor Nabours to place on a future work session agenda a discussion re zoning/sign codes related to donation bins.


Executive session is for Council to receive confidential legal advice.
All 7 members present
Link to Agenda

  • Nestle Purina Lease Agreement
  • Use of retail development tax incentive agreement for economic development activities under A.R.S. 9-500.11.

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