Todays Guest: Congressman Paul Gosar

Todays guest on the Jeff Oravits Show will be Congressman Paul Gosar.   Representative Gosar is currently the Chairman of the Western Congressional Caucus as well as Chair of the Subcommittee on Energy & Minerals and Natural Resources.

We’ll get caught up with the CD4 Representative on President Trump Cabinet picks, immigration issues and more.

The February 8th Show is now available to listen to and includes a great success story from local businesswoman Jacquie Kellogg.  Also, comments on Flagstaff Councilwomen Eva Putzova and her refusal to recuse herself from a vote in which her husband is sewing the City of Flagstaff.


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3 thoughts on “Todays Guest: Congressman Paul Gosar

  1. Representative Paul Gosar has shown some interest in possibly running for Senator when Senator Flake’s Term is up and for re-election. Hopefully he will run as we need a True Conservative as U.S. Senator.

  2. Jeff you had asked if anyone had a similar story about starting a business and getting a head while you are on minimum wage and that is exactly what Chris and I did. And now our kids bought it………not because we gave them the money, but because they too worked hard and saved. I’d be glad to talk with you about it at any time and also about how crazy this minimum wage is for Flagstaff.
    Nancy Ross

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