S.B. 1142 w. Sen. Allen Today 4PM

Senator Sylvia Allen will be on the Jeff Oravits Show today at 4PM to discuss Senate Bill 1142, a bill that uses AZ racketeering laws to force those that plan and fund riots to pay for damages through asset seizure. The bill was authored by Senator Borrelli and passed the Senate 17-13 on Thursday.  It now goes to the AZ House for their consideration.

3 thoughts on “S.B. 1142 w. Sen. Allen Today 4PM

  1. S.B.1142 is a very sensible anti-riot bill. This bill has nothing to do with the right to protest, it has everything to do with protesters who riot as well as being paid to disrupt and to destroy during a protest. It goes after the groups, individuals, corporations, businesses, etc. who pay protesters to riot, to bring about destruction. This is what I gather S.B.1142 is about, and high time we have such a law. No one is against Peaceful Protests but everyone should be against rioters and those who pay the rioters. Thank you Senator Allen for clarifying S. B. 1142 as the News Media on TV are overlooking the “rioter” portion and billing it as against those that wish to protest. (channel 3.1,3.2, Fox10News, as of this writing I do not get ABC, NBC or CBS local Phoenix Station news).

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