Eva’s Rules

This was put out by Flagstaff Councilmember Eva Putzova a while back.

“Going forward, I will continue having these community meetings but with a few rules to ensure everybody benefits and the conversation is constructive:

1. We will not debate the merits of progressive stances and politics. (That can be interesting but the campaign is over and the voters have expressed their will by giving me a mandate).

2. We will not discuss issues that are not local in nature and/or outside of the Council’s reach.

3. Only courteous and constructive dialog will be acceptable.

4. Everybody with a bona fide interest in advancing socially and economicly progressive and environmentally sustainable policies is welcome to join the “Community Check-in” meetings anytime.

5. If 1-4 does not describe your intentions or you can’t live with these rules, I still want to hear your perspective–please email me at eputzova@flagstaffaz.gov to share your views or call me at 928-213-2015 to schedule an appointment.”

3 thoughts on “Eva’s Rules

    1. LOL, Progressives have a different definition of “dictatorship” when applied to them. Ms. Eva is just feeling high on herself right now, have to forgive her, however it is unfortunate Flagstaff has yet to realize half our problems has to do with the Progressives in this town. But shame on me for bringing up such a subject. Tsk Tsk.

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