Congressman Gosar at Signing of Pres. Trump E.O. Today

Rep. Paul Gosar, who was on the Jeff Oravits Show last week was with President Trump earlier today for the signing of an executive order dismantling the Waters of the United States Rule, known as WOTUS. This was a far reaching Obama regulation effecting water issues and rights throughout the US (more info in link below).  Looking forward to Congressman Gosar’s next visit on the Jeff Oravits Show.  

“Today’s Executive Order issued by President Trump will wash away one of the most unconstitutional regulations unilaterally implemented by the Obama Administration. Dismantling WOTUS sends a clear signal to the entire country that no one, not the President or any federal bureaucrat, looking at you Gina McCarthy, can disregard the Rule of Law and our Constitution,” said Chairman Gosar. “Countless farmers, ranchers, small businesses and water users throughout the country can rest easy knowing that this job-killing, federal water grab is sunk. I am extremely proud to have led the fight over the past three years to protect the water rights of hard-working Americans.  It is an honor to have joined President Trump and Executive Vice-Chairman Tipton in the Oval Office for this historic occasion.”  Congressman Paul Gosar

Here’s the entire press release from Rep. Gosar’s Office:

CNBC Story on this.

Here’s a link to the February 24th Jeff Oravits Show with Congressman Paul Gosar as a guest.

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