The Jeff Oravits Show Was First (& Right) Again!

“Only 2 Single Family Homes Under $300,000 in FLG”

That was the headline on the Jeff Oravits Show last week.  The Jeff Oravits Show was the first to report this.  Surprisingly, the data and report was questioned by some and was called “fake news” and “alternate facts”  by others.


Now the local paper is reporting pretty much the same thing.  Perhaps they have the same “alternate facts” as their source?

“Houses below $300k in Flagstaff hard to find.”
“According to data from the Northern Arizona Multiple Listing Service, only two single-family detached homes were available within the city limits for that price.”

The Jeff Oravits Show in its second month on air is seeing huge success in listenership, sponsorship and calls coming in from throughout Northern Arizona.  The website has absolutely exploded with visitors!

Keep checking the Jeff Oravits Show website for breaking news, reports like this and more.  And tune in to the Jeff Oravits Show Monday – Friday at 4PM (3PM starting Monday March 13th, all shows shift due to time change).  We’ll keep bring you all kinds of info, fun stories too plus local, state and national guests.

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