Was Clean Elections Money Intended to be Used Like This?

Shared from Rep Thorpe’s Press Release 
Last Thursday, Rep Coleman’s HB4305 died in the House on a party-line vote, it did not receive the Prop 105 required 45 votes. The bill tried to end the Dem’s practice of money-laundering Clean elections dollars into DARK money given to their Dem party.

During the 2016 Election cycle:

– Dem Clean Elections candidates gave $114,000 to the Dem party

– AZ Dem party gave $179,000 to Dem PAC Building AZ’s Future

– Dem PAC Building AZ’s Future spent $261,000 on Independent Expenditures on 3 districts, LD6, LD18 & LD28

Shameful behavior, wasting Clean dollars in a way never intended by the voters who enacted Clean Elections.

Warmest regards,

Representative Bob Thorpe, Legislative District 6

Attached info from Rep. Thorpe

Wednesday March 1st Show Available.

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