Corp.Com. Andy Tobin Joins Jeff Today

– On Thursday’s Jeff Oravits Show, Jeff’s guest will be former Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives and current AZ Corporation Commissioner Andy Tobin.  Jerry Nabours will also be joining the show.  Lot’s to talk about plus your calls at 877-971-1051.

– Tickets for Flagstaff’s Lincoln Day Dinner still available but going fast.  Purchase your ticket(s) at

– The Jeff Oravits Show observes daylight savings time and will be moving to 3PM on Monday, March 13th and will continue to air right after Sean Hannity.


Monday, March 6th;
Jeff Oravits and Jerry Nabours interview CEO of Goodwill NAZ, David Hirsch.  Rob Wilson of Elevate Flagstaff discusses upcoming prop 414 vote by FLG Council. 

Tuesday, March 7th; Adam Shimoni joins Jeff Oravits and shares his perspective including America’s role in the world.  

Wednesday, March 8th; Elisha Dorfsmith joins the Jeff Oravits Show and talks with Jeff about minimum wage, privacy issues and voter ID cards in cities like PHX and FLG.  

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