Tom Chabin “Donates” $25,000 of Clean Election Money to Democrat Party

There was an article in the Arizona Daily Sun today about the Tele-Town-Hall live on the Jeff Oravits Show this Friday the 17th with Representative Bob Thorpe.  We’ll be taking calls throughout Northern Arizona with questions for Rep. Thorpe from 3-4PM on 97.1FM and

Democrat Tom Chabin, who previously served in the AZ Legislature out of Flagstaff and unsuccessfully ran for the State Senate and the Corporation Commission, was interviewed in the article and asked to comment about the Tele-Town-Hall.  He had this to say to the AZ Daily Sun,

“In all candor, I’m sure (Thorpe) would have no problem getting to a Tea Party meeting in Payson even if he would have to miss half of a floor session and a committee meeting.”

Unfortunately, the article did not question Chabin’s donation of thousands of dollars in citizens clean election monies to the Democrat Party.  A recent article on and the Arizona Independent, pointed out that, according to documents (see below), Tom Chabin, while running for the Corporation Commission, donated $25,000 from his campaign, to the Democrat Party.  At the time,  Chabin was running as a clean elections candidate.  The practice is allowed but is a serious departure from the intent of clean elections money and seems contrary to Chabin’s stance on dark money in politics.  HB2403 was attempting to end the practice of allowing candidates to donate clean elections money to political organizations but died in the House on party lines.

In the 2016 election cycle, Democrat clean elections candidates, those participating in the clean elections process, gave $113,984 to the Democrat Party.  The Arizona Democrat Party in turn gave $179,000 to a PAC called Building AZ’s Future.  Building AZ’s Future then spent $260,836 in independent expenditures primarily in three Legislative Districts, LD6, LD 18 and LD28.  Tom Chabin’s campaign had the largest “donation” at $25,000.

According to the WilcoxRangeNews, ”

Chabin and Mundell are clean elections candidates, receiving no money from utilities, lobbyists or special interests.

“We get our money from $5 contributions and those who give must be disclosed. Dark money doesn’t have to be disclosed. CEC can get $160 contributions, while traditional candidates can get $6,000 contributions. We need to fix this system to get rid of special interest money.”

The March 16th Daily Sun article went on to quote Chabin as saying this,

“You should meet constituents, shake hands and look them in the eye. You need to listen and answer questions directly,”  Tom Chabin

Tom Chabin is welcome to come on the Jeff Oravits Show and “answer questions directly” on this issue.


2 thoughts on “Tom Chabin “Donates” $25,000 of Clean Election Money to Democrat Party

  1. Interesting…there was an odor of alcohol the 3 times I spoke to him before he was voted out. Did that mean he drove with alcohol back and forth to phx? Lee

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