Rep. Bob Thorpe Responds to Mayor Evans Recent Comments

Jeff Oravits and Elisha Dorfsmith discussed this on last wednesday’s show.  As discussed on the show, Rep. Thorpe talked with Jeff and disputes Mayor Evans claims.

Here is the letter Rep. Thorpe sent to Mayor Evans and Council.  Rep. Thorpe will be a guest on the show next week to discuss this and other issues further.

Dear Mayor Evans and Flagstaff City Council Members:

I understand that at the April 4, 2017 Flagstaff City Council meeting, Mayor Evans made a public statement suggesting that the LD-6 Legislators had not returned telephone calls or had attended meetings with the City.

To the best of my knowledge, Mayor Evans has only contacted my office once, when she recently attended the African American Legislative Day at the Capitol, but then she cancelled a meeting that she had requested with me for that day. To the best of my knowledge, Mayor Evans has not tried to call or contact me directly this year, or as a matter of fact, during the past 4+ years. When I have had conversations in person with Mayor Evans at two events this year, she has not said anything to me about City issues or meetings.

The only representative of the City of Flagstaff that has met with me (several times) at the Capitol during 2017 has been the City’s lobbyist, Richard Travis. This year, I have also met with numerous other individuals from Flagstaff in my office, including one of FUSD’s financial officials, and today with representatives of Flagstaff’s Hozhoni Foundation (disability services). Those two specific conservations concerned the huge harm, and negative financial impacts caused by Prop 414 to Flagstaff’s public schools, and to our struggling disabled citizens.

During past years:

  • Former Mayor Nabours sponsored annual meetings with City officials and the LD-6 Legislators, in order to discuss the City’s Legislative priorities and specific bills that the City wanted us to enact at the Capitol.
  • Former Mayor Nabours and Councilman Oravits would typically contact us numerous times during each Legislative session, concerning bills at the Capitol and the specific needs and concerns of Flagstaff.
  • Former Mayor Nabours also scheduled meetings with me, with City officials and with lobbyists in order to resolve Legislative bill issues that might impact the City.Respectfully,

Representative Bob Thorpe, Legislative District 6

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