The March For Science. Politics of the Absurd?

People marched for science in cities throughout the nation on Saturday.  Organizers of the march stated that they opposed “New policies (that) threaten to further restrict scientists’ ability to research and communicate their findings.”  They went on to state that “The March for Science champions and defends science and scientific integrity”.

Based on the many signs carried by participants at the event, many appear to have used the march for political purposes to oppose politicians, such as Rep Bob Thorpe in Northern Arizona and President Trump nationally.  They claim folks like this are “climate change deniers” and some make a sport of confronting daily those that question their consensus based science, specifically in relation to man caused global warming.

The irony and hypocrisy of the entire situation, let’s be honest, this is mostly centered around climate change, seemed to allude the hundreds who marched down the asphalt streets of Flagstaff, Phoenix and throughout the nation, streets made from petroleum harvested from the far reaches of the earth, made possible through scientific processes like fracking.  Many of the supporters, no doubt supporters of a “livable wage”, marched in their shoes made by the cheapest labor available from Southeast Asia, shoes transported to US warehouses by oil burning vessels, by trains running on diesel and delivered to their doorstep by brown trucks with internal combustion gas fueled engines.  They probably ordered from their iPad, made at a ChiCom Plant, no doubt FoxConn, using the cheapest labor.  An iPad made of petroleum based products I might add, designed by a company with hundreds of billions tucked away offshore to avoid the US’s astronomical corporate taxes.

But they marched on while drinking water, imported from far off springs packaged in plastic bottles by a Swiss Mega Corporation, bottles made from the finest natural gas in the world from an offshore oil platform no doubt, while some sipped their $5 lattes made from the finest coffee beans from South America, in petroleum based disposable cups of course, also transported by oil burning vessels, diesel run trains, and gasoline fired trucks, while carrying witty signs, printed on oversized paper, made from huge plastic machines, machines also made overseas from petroleum.  No doubt they arrived by the hundreds in their prius’s with their rechargeable batteries, batteries laced with mercury and rare earth elements mined deep from within the Chinese ground, or perhaps rechargeable cars plugged into an outlet that gets it’s power from a coal fired plant far out of mind and out of site.

But fret not my friends, all the signs they used, signs extolling the virtues of science and laden with messages of saving our planet, were printed on 100% recycled paper and after the event were put in a bin that is now en-route to China.

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