Listener Opinion: Mayor Evans, Pay Attention

Council Members, I am writing to express my extreme disappointment in the behaviour of Mayor Coral Evans at the City Council meeting last night (5/9/17). At 1902 (7:02 PM), while matters were being discussed surrounding the importance of dark skies in our once lovely city, Coral was posting pictures on Instagram promoting blood donations in exchange for “The Ultimate Hershey’s Chocolate Chip Cookie”.

While I understand the importance of donating blood (I’m a donor), the Mayor, under no circumstances, should be promoting such things DURING A MEETING WHICH SHE IS PRESIDING OVER. It appears as though she has no interest in agenda items from which she will not gain anything, and that is a problem. She was elected to represent, and lead, the City of Flagstaff in a professional manner, and she, thus far, has failed to do so.

I, as well as others, would like an explanation as to why Mayor Evans sees fit to behave in such a manner. Please see that this happens in a timely manner. Thank you for your prompt attention to this rather disturbing matter.


This issue was also brought up recently on the Jeff Oravits Show by Elisha Dorfsmith.  Clip available here

The Jeff Oravits Show is live Monday-Friday on 97.1FM and available online.

2 thoughts on “Listener Opinion: Mayor Evans, Pay Attention

  1. Is the Flagstaff City Council trying to Tax everyone into Leaving Flagstaff as no one, with the taxation they have in mind, will be able to live here as each time they raise costs, so do the businesses, so do the land loads, so do the grocery stores, etc., etc., etc. I can barely make it here now as with the “salary” increase already we are seeing a raise in rent cost beginning in July. I have never in all my life seen such a Terrible City Council, not since former Mayor McDonalds’s time. The Flagstaff City Council raising Property Taxes 14% is an outrage just as taxing Open Space. On and On it goes as to their Socialistic minds believe they can do anything they wish without consequences. And one more complaint…allocating 90 thousand dollars to study the Winter traffic problem as to the traffic getting to/from on Hwy. 180 to Snow Bowl. We know the solution but apparently no one wants to lose the business they “think” would happen if the County as well as the State ADOT built a road by-passing Flagstaff as that is the Best solution. Tourists would still stay in Flagstaff, still eat in Flagstaff. Our Greediness is what keeps the Traffic problem active.

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