Wednesday’s Show_Putzova vs. Hobby Lobby, Tax Incentives, FBI & more…

Elisha Dorfsmith joined Jeff and Chaz again, this time to discuss the Flagstaff City Council.  On Tuesday the Flagstaff City Council denied Vintage Partners a sales tax rebate.  Vintage was asking for $2,500,000 in order to help pay for a new road, sidewalks and bike lanes on Solier Ave. in Flagstaff.  One of the companies that would move in to the facility is Hobby Lobby which opened up the opportunity for Councilwoman Eva Putzova to push her social justice issues.  Listen to the show here.

We’re LIVE TODAY at 3PM, talking with the student from NAU who was told to “put away his Bible” plus a chat with Orville Wiseman and his challenges with the City of Flagstaff at the Flagstaff Airport.

Today at 3PM on 97.1FM and streaming…

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