Mondays Show on Healthcare + Today@3PM, Veteran StandDown, Tolerant Left?, Hackers, No FLG Council Streaming, Carbon Tax & More


Senator Sylvia AllSenatorSylviaAllenen discusses with Jeff issues facing the state as well as a discussion on education.  They also discuss the states budget, economy and more.  LISTEN HERE.

Joe Harting & Jeff Jeans Were Mondays Guests on the Jeff Oravits Show.  Obamacare, GOP Care, Single Payer and more.  Great discussi on on healthcare folks!  Jeff Oravits explains why Obamacare is not going away and predicts “tinkering” by politicians for years to come. LISTEN HERE

Representative Thorpe re-caps Legislative highlights.  READ HERE News Links of Interest

The Tolerant Left? Violence And Intimidation Against Republicans Are Becoming The New Normal via @dailycaller.  Shared by Elisha Dorfsmith who will join the Jeff Oravits Show this Wednesday.
Village of Oak Creek Named #1 Tax Friendly Community.  Flagstaff Business News
Flags Line Prescott Valley SR69 by Prescott Valley Tribune
Prescott Tourism & Economy Growing Prescott Daily Courier
Misleading Headlines? Daily Sun, A.P. & Media Around Nation headline: “Trump shared secret info about IS with Russians”.  Read beyond the headline and you’ll find that the anonymous source is being disputed by “Three White House officials who were in the May 10 meeting {who} strongly denounced the story, saying no intelligence sources and methods were discussed”
Amazon Mega Gains.  Stock up 49,000%
Carbon Tax on Flagstaff City Councils Agenda Tuesday Night.
Another Candidate Announces Run for AZ CD1.  State Senator Steve Smith announced he’s running for Congress.

Tune in to the Jeff Oravits Show Tuesday at 3PM and Join the Conversation on…
“Deep State Leaks Highly Classified Info to Washington Post”.  Jeff will be talking about the leaks coming out of the White House.
Hackers & Pirates.  Pirates of Caribbean Held For Ransom.  Is it possible to protect yourself anymore?  Jeff and Chaz will discuss.
Flagstaff City Council will not stream Tuesday’s Council Meeting.  We’ll discuss this today with more detail from Elisha Dorfsmith on Wednesday’s Show.
Plus, County Board of Supervisor Jim Parks and John Davison discuss this Fridays StandDown to assist Northern Arizona Veterans.

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